Own Worst Enemy

Honestly, I think my learning curve has flatlined. I mean, I am excruciatingly well aware of how limited my crafting/artistic skills are. Ideas? Yes, tons of ’em. Ability? Ah, no , not so you’d notice. So why did I not only agree to make the wedding invitations for my son’s up and coming nuptials, but then say “Just show me a picture of what you like and I’ll see what I can do.”?  AND SHE DID! Dammit. Anyway, the style they like is not too challenging so I’ll be getting started as soon as we get back from what my Dad used to call furrin’ parts.

I’ve joined the Zentangle Artist Trading Card Swap on Facebook for the February swap. It requires us to use one of two particular strings – 150 and 39, plus anything heart like in the patterns. I’ve done one or two and am loving this – lots of Helen Williams patterns seem to be making their presence felt, I notice.


At half past five yesterday morning the earth moved for the loved one and me.  No, really. There was an earthquake in Morocco and we felt the tremors here in southern Spain. Not nice. Certainly don’t want to be any nearer than that.

And it was Diva Day too. Using a tangle as a string was the Challenge; a tangle inside a tangle. I’ve been practising a lot of Helen Williams’ tangles recently, so I used Zag V as my string and put some Inapod inside it, coloured with Gelly Roll Stardust pens. Good fun.

And that’s it for now.

The next blog will no doubt have tales of our trips to Torrox and Nerja but my patience with the vagaries of foreign wifi is running out so I will wish you a fond farewell for now.



6 thoughts on “Own Worst Enemy

  1. Great tile as always, but I love the shiny glitter and colour in it. The earthquake must have been scary. We once felt an earthquake when we were in bed and living in Derby. That was scary enough, it made us get up and go downstairs to see if a truck had come through the sitting room wall or something. Afterwards we heard that there had been an earthquake. I am sure a lot of your readers live in serious earthquake areas but in Derby, really!!

  2. First off. congratulations for your son’s impending nuptials. Did I already know he was getting married and send prior congratulations? The good thing about having an aging memory is that I sometimes get to enjoy learning good news for the first time more than once. (It also means one can read books and watch movies and TV shows multiple times without knowing how it ends). The only time I felt an earthquake was in New Jersey, of all places. Mr. Excitement and I had both succumbed to summer afternoon somnolence on sofas in the living room of our house “down the shore”. We were awakened by what felt like a subway train (underground) passing under the house and the pictures on the wall shook. Of course, the nearest subway line was 80 miles away in Philadelphia. As my sleep addled brain cleared I said, “That felt like an earthquake!” even though I had never personally felt an earthquake. A quick Google search confirmed my instinct. It was the same earthquake that damaged the Washington Monument and National Cathedral in Washington, D.C., about 150 miles away. Way, way off the Zentangle Diva topic here. I’m glad you had the materials to tangle on holiday. I’ve always enjoyed that, even when there’s a niggling thought that I should be out sightseeing. I’m learning about a lot of tangles that are new to me with this challenge—i.e. Zag V. I’m impressed that you had gelly roll pens with you. The sparkly look is very appealing on your tile. Enjoy the rest of your holiday. Hasta mayo.

  3. The V tile is very pretty. Years ago we had an earthquake here in the Netherlands; it was in the middle of the night, I was talking with some people and all of a sudden a lamp on the table was moving. That was weird, in the Netherlands!!!??? Nowadays there are quite a few earthquakes in the north part of the country and all because of the drilling for gas. Poor people who live their and their houses are worth almost nothing now.

  4. Hi M

    Congratulations on your son’s coming wedding! It seems like wedding season has hit here early this year too, as I’ve had several wedding related commissions already.

    I am envious that you are travelling! Have lots of fun! Stay safe!


    P.S. I am not sure how I feel about Rautyflex, though I am pretty impressed by the complexity of the steps lol. I can’t remember the step outs after step 2 (or is it 3?) and I don’t see how I can repeat it without checking the step outs every few seconds 😛

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