Stoicism and the Inexorable

Well, I said I wanted bright but...

Stoicism and the Inexorable? Sounds like a Tolstoy novel, doesn’t it? It stems from reading Joanne Fink’s Zenspirations blog. If you don’t already read it, do. For all that I am neither religious nor easily inspired, Joanne’s honesty and genuine feeling do get to me, sometimes against my better judgement and certainly against my will. Her artwork is outstanding and there are free downloadable pages to colour/tangle.

In her most recent posting, she was looking at having a “watch word” for the coming year

                                   “Hi Everyone,
                                     Have you heard of the practice of selecting a specific word to ruminate
                                    on in the year ahead? Choosing one word is supposed to help you focus
                                    on developing or strengthening selected character traits, impact your
                                    experiences and light your  way as you journey through the next 12 months”

and this set me thinking, as some things occasionally do. 2016 is likely to be something of a challenge for me on health grounds and, in some ways, I am not looking forward to it.

Another one based on a Joanne Fink idea.
Another one based on a Joanne Fink idea.

Being a pretty feeble sort, I feel my watch word should, therefore, be “stoicism” and that this is an attitude I must adopt. I see a lot of inspirational stuff about meeting adversity with a gladsome heart and the like but it isn’t me. I like a good grumble and/ or moan. However, this year I have something fairly serious to deal with and a grumble or moan won’t do the trick. So I think a stoical approach, along the lines of a Gary Cooper, strong, silent type, might be what I should be trying. (Out of character perhaps,  but treating anything all that seriously is out of character for me.)

Why?  Well, look up Laminectomy online and that is what I am promised some time in mid year 2016. I don’t do illness and being a big brave girl; I do minor irritation and over reaction. I have an awful feeling that my idea of stoical may just be another version of grumpy but we shall see.

As for Inexorable, it’s all down to the fact that my mobility is deteriorating and will not improve unless I have the surgery. So stoical is what I must be and inexorable reminds me why. Can’t quite face it with a joyful heart but resignation comes close, doesn’t it?

One of the many unfinished projects, now complete, although what I shall do with it I do not know.
One of the many unfinished projects, now complete, although what I shall do with it I do not know.

Enough of that and on to better things. I finally managed to clear away most of the tranclements that I’d had out in the run up to Christmas and my desk became briefly visible. It’s wood! Who’d have thought? What I also discovered was a stack of unfinished projects; some where I had quickly jotted down an idea to revisit at leisure and some where I had run out of time/ideas/patience and stuffed them in a drawer. My only resolution for the New Year, apart from the weight loss one, as always, is to either finish them or destroy them and this process began yesterday.

Some time ago I decided to design a piece to put at the top of my blog page. I wanted something bright and whimsical and fun but the difficulty is that my normal taste in colour tends to be blends and tones rather than vivid. As a result, when I had done the colouring, all pinks and dayglo yellows etc, I didn’t actually like it and stopped part way through. Anyway, I decided it deserved a chance, finished it with tangles in Gelly Roll pens and prepared to add it at the top of my blog page; only to realise that I have, in the meantime, restructured the page and it is the wrong shape. Dammit. You can see it at the top of this post but whether it will continue to be used for its original purpose, I cannot say.

I'm thinking about a background or border but have struck a block so far. any ideas?
I’m thinking about a background or border but have struck a block so far. any ideas?

One of our bought cards for Christmas had a picture of a hare running through the snow, which was very pretty, so I “borrowed” an outline from somewhere and promised myself I would have a go. And here he is, with a paint job whose glitter doesn’t show on the scan and a cheeky grin that does.

I rushed this because I didn't like it and now I wish I had been a bit more patient.
I rushed this because I didn’t like it and now I wish I had been a bit more patient.



I had a small (About A5) picture, using Promarkers, on the craft room wall that I based on a photo I took in the harbour in Es Castells, Menorca but it looked a bit stiff, so I tangled it and like it better now. I think it’s because the colours have toned down a bit under the patterns.  I have at least another seven pieces to work on and I’m sort of promising myself I won’t start anything new until…

Well, we’ll see.

And it’ll be Diva Day soon and I’m hoping the Challenge gets me using one of the unfinished ones – fingers crossed.


DC 250And this week’s Diva Challenge is a back to where we started approach – no decisions about size or colour or equipment or pre-conceived ideas. Just get the pen and the tile and use some old favourite patterns, So I went back to one of the first ever patterns I learned, from a Youtube video by Ellen Wolters – Awrop. I don’t use it a lot but I do enjoy it; and Betweed because I thought I was soooo clever when I first “got it” and Quib because it is very tolerant. Oh, and Beadlines for a little border. Fun and pretty zenny for me.

So that ‘s it for now, world, see you soon.




10 thoughts on “Stoicism and the Inexorable

  1. I really enjoyed your tangles. I especially like the one that look like southwestern American Indian baskets/patterns. It is very nice. The challenge tile patterns are great, too. I’m always greatly pleased when I see a new pattern that I think is greatly complicated and then I finally “get it.” It is a wonderful feeling.

  2. Lovely work! I really like what you did with the Joanne Fink idea and the dangles – what a wonderful star in the end 🙂
    And I really adore your boat – a great combination of patterns and wonderful colour!!!
    Nice Diva tile too 🙂

  3. Oh my goodness, that boat one! It’s my fave, and I can see a nautical theme in the Diva challenge tile. Excellent all of them, and as always, your delightful way with words

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