Technophobia, again.

DC 244a-cropYou may or may not remember my decision to update Windows on my PC by ditching Vista and getting Windows 7, with a view to upgrading to a free version of Windows 10.  I set the loved one off on a mission to find a copy of Windows 7 and he duly found one on ebay at a reasonable price, which we bought and the nice man in Northern Ireland sent us a key code. So far so good but we all know it’s not going to last. It’s like those movies where the hero/heroine is told, “Don’t open the green door..”

Well I opened the green door.

Having at least a modicum of common sense, I copied everything from my PC onto the external hard drive before I started, which took a while. Then it took hours to down/up load the programme, fine, but then I got a warning that the file was too big for my computer. So I uploaded/downloaded it to Dropbox and opened it from there. Ask me if it worked. Huh. That’s all I’m saying, huh!

So I email the nice man in Northern Ireland and he said, “That’s funny,” (It wasn’t, believe me, it wasn’t.) “It’s never happened before. Try this link.”

So I did and it worked. “Result!”, she cried, punching the air, and all was well for four weeks.

At which point it all went wrong and I got a screen shot saying, “This copy of Windows is not genuine.”

So I email the nice man, who was starting to not seem as nice as I had previously thought, and he replies with “Run the disc again.”  Pause. ” What disc? Never had a disc.”

He says he’ll send a disc, what address? (He already has the address via ebay but I send it anyway.) Is it 32  or 64 bit? (How the hell would I know? It’s PC, that is the sum of my knowledge.) Can you hear my voice getting a little shrill at this point? Anyway, I look at all the labels and find that it tells me about bits on the case, so that’s alright.

Two weeks go by and no disc. I email him again. No reply. I email again and say, quite politely, I thought, “I sent you the information on the 19th of October. You said you would send a disc, I have not received a disc. I have an illegal copy of Windows. Not happy. Please can I have my money back.”

No reply.

So I go to Paypal and start a query, or dispute or whatever they call it. (I won’t even mention how much time I wasted trying to do this on ebay, who said, “Contact the seller” and gave no other options.) He replies, “That’s funny,” (It wasn’t by this time, believe me, it really wasn’t.) “It’s never happened before. I’ll send you a disc. What’s the address?” Aaaaaarrrrggghhhhhhhh!

Yesterday, a disc arrived in the post.

Today I am going to try to install it.

You can send grapes and get well cards to the Rotherham Home for the Terminally Confused, Technophobia Ward.

More craft room chaos. going to have to do something.
More craft room chaos. going to have to do something.
The growing chaos in my craft room.
The growing chaos in my craft room.

As a result of all this, I have finished virtually nothing this week. I have put nothing away and the craft room/office/study is descending into chaos. I mean, it didn’t have far to go but…

Moving on…

I had been congratulating myself that I had not bought one thing with which to make cards this Christmas. I promised myself I would only use what I already had. Of course, I have made this promise many times  before and failed to keep it, but, this year, I’ve stuck to it. Until today. We went to buy something with which to make a Christmas garland for the mantelpiece and, after trying one or two places, which were either too cheap and nasty for words or too expensive for the loved one’s tastes, (I shouldn’t have taken him but…) we went in The Range. (Sharp intake of breath from all the UK crafters reading this).

As you walk in the door there ought to be health warnings and the music from Psycho playing loud in your ear. I was doing OK at first. I had spent quite some time looking at garlandy things and making decisions based on sense and good taste and then two things happened. First, I met a fellow crafter (a complete stranger but you can always tell.) and we looked at a garland which could have been nicely deconstructed to make lots of other things for presents and cards etc. This got me into what  could be termed “craft mode”. And then, instead of heading straight for the till, we wandered by the aisles selling stamps and papers and so on.  Too late I remembered my promise to myself. Only when she said “That’ll be £36.00, please” and I knew the garland only came to £12, did I see what I had done. Somehow that pack of cardmaking materials had climbed into my bag as I sauntered past.

Still, I just had a look at it again and I can feel all sorts of ideas bubbling in my head. This is going to be such fun. Bugger the expense, I’m ready to play.

And some of the papers.
And some of the papers.
The stamps in the pack from The Range.
The stamps in the pack from The Range.

And then, just when I thought things were getting better, the Diva decides to give us Tripoli as this week’s Challenge. I mean, come on. you know it’s going to be bad when your first set of triangles is a five instead of a six. And it didn’t get better. The thing is, I’m not very good at spacing it and where they should make approximate circles, they make oblate spheroids. Anyway, you can see my attempt at the top of the page. Oh well, maybe next week she’ll challenge me to do something I can actually do.

Another tangled card in the making. Did I say I'd finished? I lied.
Another tangled card in the making. Did I say I’d finished? I lied.

Until then, world, tangle on! (Alex, that’s an example of literary apostrophe. {She’s studying for an English degree in her spare time})

Oh yes, in case you are wondering, here’s the progress so far on the N pattern tiles for swaps. Not going as fast as I would like.

Some of the tiles in the process of preparation for the swap. (Not top left, wrong patterns.)
Some of the tiles in the process of preparation for the swap. (Not top left, wrong patterns.)



9 thoughts on “Technophobia, again.

  1. Before I get carried away discussing the non-Diva challenge portions of your post, I’ll compliment you on your tile for the Tripoli challenge. It’s too bad you’re not omniscient or you could have also used your Tripoli tile for last week’s “leave blank space” challenge. I think it’s very “pleasing”. It would make a great corner design for a piece of stationery. However, I guess you would then feel required to hand write a letter on your lovely writing paper which would not leave you sufficient time to play with the new toys you, er, “accidentally” purchased at The Range. (If I make it to England to meet you IRL next April/May, you must promise to take me there. The Loved One might want to confiscate your credit card first.)

    On to your technology woes. Hold off on moving on to Windows 10. There’s a raft of negative press about it out there. Start with this article and then scroll down to see the links to other articles about it. One of those is entitled something like “The Latest Massive Windows 10 Update has Three Nasty Surprises”. The fact that you are possibly running a dodgy copy of Windows 7 would probably make it even worse.
    I have religiously ignored the window that pops up on my Windows 7 every so often, urging me to upgrade for free to Windows 10. By the time one reaches my age, one is quite certain that there is in actual fact, no such thing as a free lunch. Buena suerte. (I’m practicing).

  2. Like Suzanne said, there is ‘no free lunch’. Like her I ignore that message at the right bottom. It’s very annoying though and it keeps coming. Sorry to hear about that man with his ‘that’s funny’ not very trustworthy is he? Your tile is beautiful, hope it gave you some peace.

  3. I love your Tripoli, the subtle colours are gorgeous, and I love it when ‘petals’ are breaking up and falling away. So artistic.

    As I have mentioned before, I too have resisted the update to Windows 10. I love my windows 7 and hate the look of Windows 10. It looks as though I will be forced to do it eventually though, they are not going to let you keep 7 by the looks of it. I am so annoyed. Anyway it seems best to wait at least until after Januay when a reported big update is due. I am so sorry about your problems updating, on the plus side if you can get it to work and it isn’t genuine they are going to allow non genuine versions to update to the genuine Windows 10 version so that may be an answer, however that is only if you can get it to work in the first place.

  4. No great words of advice from me – I have handed over all responsibility to my other half now that I no longer head up the IT Service at work. I hardly ever get chance to access the PC (I call it that too) apart from to do my Diva Challenge post. I don’t even know what version of Windows we’re on so I’m very impressed with your perseverance. And even more so with your lovely Tripoli – I don’t stop to count the triangles so I wouldn’t have known if you hadn’t said!
    I have done the same thing many times re. the purchasing of craft materials…..I think it’s the right thing to do. Happy Crafting (when you’ve made a bit of space…)

  5. Had to have a chuckle about your computer issues after spending about an hour and 1/2 on mine trying to fix some things last night. Your Tripoli tile is wonderful. Mine usually goes wonky too and I just embrace that. Funny how things just jump in the cart in those crafting places. Have fun with the new toys! Seems to happen to me all the time! 🙂

  6. so pretty…like a garland of morning glories climbing on the fence…delightful…refreshing and lively. Looks like it was fun to do…

    and yes I feel for you with the computer stuff…and I’m with Suzanne. Windows 10 is not something I’m eager to upgrade to. I love my Windows 7…which shows how old my laptop is…and I don’t want to ever change. At any rate, good luck! There, there…it’ll be okay.

  7. Very fun and funny blog, though I know you weren’t happy with the techno thing! I’ve enjoyed reading it and so totally identify, though I leave all techno issues to my hubby! I LOVE your tile! It’s so very pretty!

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