Got those dark and dreary

Monday mornin’ blues,Oh yeah.

Play a little twelve bar riff in your head and…..

Nzeppel, Niuroda and Nia.
Nzeppel, Niuroda and Nia.

Well I woke up this mornin’

And the rain came down.

Well the wind was blowin’

The leaves were on the ground.

So I said to my loved one,

Boy we need to blo-ow this town.

So we booked a holiday and I feel a lot better now.  (We’ve been back from Majorca a full three days.) Majorca itself was glorious. One day of dull and dreary and the rest was lovely. We went in the sea, although it was a tad chill, but as long as you keep moving you can avoid the ice flows!  We also visited a couple of places we haven’t been to before. We stay in Alcudia, which on the north east coast of the island, with a very attractive combination of sandy beaches, towering cliffs, rocky coves and beautiful old, historic towns, with city walls, magnificent churches and busy bustling market days.

Having arrived on the Saturday, we went to the market in the old town square the following morning, to stock up on fresh veg and handbags.  (Alright, I know we didn’t really need the veg but it gives the loved one something to look at while I’m sniffing to see if they are real leather. The bags, not the veg. Doh.)  We sat for a while drinking coffee and watching the market and soaking up that wonderful Mediteranean atmosphere. It smells of wild herbs, garlic and, unfortunately, exhaust fumes from the motor scooters scootering past, usually with a couple of children standing between the legs of the driver. (I’m sure they use aviation fuel, judging from the smell.)

Narwal, Nemnies, Nolashrim and Nootka.
Narwal, Nemnies, Nolashrim and Nootka.

The afternoon was spent drowsing on the balcony overlooking the pool, watching the hardier guests dabbing a toe in the water and then deciding discretion was the better part. I did a couple of tiles for the swap. Having completed one using Betweed, Fescu, Dragonair and Arukas, I checked the guidelines rules and realised that it required all patterns to start with the letter N. Dammit. Still, I liked the tile anyway. It’s strange how, as soon as I realised I could only use N tiles, everything I liked began with something else. However,  I’ve learned a couple of new patterns and I’m now working my way through a list of N patterns I’d never heard of, some with good reason. I don’t like too many twiddly bits, they look untidy. (This from Maggibee, the Queen of Chaos.)

Nipa, Arukas, two that I can't remember the names and Nell, if it doesn't already have a name.
Nipa, Arukas, two that I can’t remember the names and Nell, if it doesn’t already have a name.

I think I may have invented a new pattern. It’s based on some paving stones we saw in Cala Ratjada and it took me quite some time to work out how to reproduce them and make the pattern tessellate. You can see it in the star to the bottom left of the picture and I’ll do a step out next week if no-one tells me it already exists. I’m calling it Nell because it’s based on the letter L but is not quite a Nell. Well it’s as near to wit as I get.

You should visit Cala Ratjada, it’s gorgeous. It’s clearly an ex-fishing village turned holiday resort, very popular with German tourists, so you can get Cafe kuchen everywhere you go. However, for reasons way beyond my admittedly limited comprehension, they have allowed, if not encouraged, a sculptor to plonk down a series of nude women along the sea front. I don’t have a problem with nude women, well, there’s a time and place but.. But, honestly, my adorable Ben could do better with Playdough. I suppose I’m a philistine but these don’t look like art to me.

The expression on the face of the cormorant says it all.
The expression on the face of the cormorant says it all.

SAM_8787 SAM_8791

So, after lunch on the quayside, we took the coast road to find a little place we’d not been to before. It’s called Es Font sa Cala, if I remember rightly, and it’s a little cove, with a superb beach and a few villas. Very, very nice.  The sea was pretty rough that day, so we didn’t go in but there were surfers having a great time.

Cala Ratjada
Es Font Sa Cala

SAM_8819And so we went to another market in Port de Pollenca, another very lovely place and where we go every time we visit Majorca, just to walk along the seafront and watch the Bomberos’ sea planes practising scooping up water from the bay and dropping it over forest fires. (Well, they drop it back in the bay since it’s just practice.) This photo is from where we were sitting outside one of the loved one’s favourite places. It is, so we gather, the local equivalent of a working men’s club and sells coffee and cakes at giveaway prices. Is the coffee good? Yes. And the beer? Yes. And the cakes? Yes. Why does the loved one like it so much? The prices. Bless.

Portals Nous
Portals Nous

Another place we hadn’t seen before is Portals Nous, very near to Palma, so we sat for a while on the beach and dozed a little in the sun. Perfick, as Pa Larkin would say.

And so we came back to the UK in the rain and the Autumn winds, drove three hours up the motorway and began our hibernation. We’re like a pair of podgy little hedgehogs, curled up in front of the TV, watching Strictly Come Dancing on catch up.

But, apart from the next holiday, there is something to look forward to – Diva Day-  and today she asks us to:-


                                    So.  For this challenge, I’d say try to leave over have of the tile blank… like 60-70%

                                    it’s harder than it looks, at least – it was for me.

DC 242And she’s right, it is. I’ve stuck with the N patterns, using one big Nia in the corner and filling it with Noodlz and Neuron, plus a ribbon and a few little hearts. I think I shall add to it if I decide to use it for the swap.

So with “Sunshine of your love” echoing in my ears, I’m off shopping for presents. Bye, world, see you next week.


11 thoughts on “Got those dark and dreary

  1. Lovely, delicate tile. The only trouble with this leave 70% free is that our looked forward to treat of the week, Diva Challenge, is over too quickly.

    You seem to have had another wonderful holiday. I really enjoyed reading about it, your blog brightens my Monday’s. I even read the funny bits out to my partner 🙂

  2. Your holiday looked great much nicer than here, although did you miss the sun on 1st Nov it was sunny and 17 here in Beds. I love the diva challenge and N swap tile ( id keep it that way for something different:) ). And Nell made me laugh 😉

  3. delightful. I am carried away to Majorca myself…though I sit in a town under a drizzly gray sky. Love the exploration of M patterns. Great idea. And a terrific Diva tile. Minimalism IS difficult. But you’ve done nicely.

  4. I think you did fine with your “less is enough” tile. I think the gray (grey?) you added provides a nice little oomph. I don’t think I’ve ever heard of or seen any of the tangles you used this week—-and I call myself a CZT—I even have a certificate to prove it.

    Your little interlude in Majorca sounds lovely. We leave for Madrid on November 30th. It should be a little warmer than Philly, but I’m bringing my winter coat.

  5. Very beautiful N-pattern-tiles and a cute contribution to the diva challenge! Thanks also for the pictures of Mallorca, I’ve been to Cala Ratjada a couple of times (one of the Germans who brought the Kaffee-Kuchen-tradition there…) and I love the place!

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