Alone again, but not naturally.

The glitter doesn't look right on the scan.
The glitter doesn’t look right on the scan.

That’s it, they’ve gone. It’s pouring with rain  and i’ll be on tenterhooks until they phone to say they’ve arrived safe and sound. Alex is back from Spain, none the worse (except financially) for her ordeal in the fleshpots of Benalmadena. I’m about to start my swap tiles and I’m really looking forward to it.  The Christmas cards are virtually finished.

And we go on holiday on Friday. Praying for sunshine but no guarantees at this time of year. Still, I’ve packed the swimsuit and the balaclava so I’m ready for anything. There’s a fashion statement if ever there was one. The hardest packing decisions are always about which drawing stuff to take. I’ve minimalised it this time and I just have a pencil case and an A5 folder of water colour card, black card and some squares with strings I’ve already drawn. And my Inktense pencils. And brushes. Stop it, M, at least try for a modicum of control.

The lines are deliberately a bit pale until I've decided what to do with them.
The lines are deliberately a bit pale until I’ve decided what to do with them.

I saw a rather pretty card in a shop the other day- the Cadbury chocolate shop, in fact – and decided to plagiarise it, well, take the idea and make it my own. It was just full of sweetie jars, the card, not the shop, and I thought it would adapt well. Unfortunately, not being very good at representational art and absolutely hopeless at getting two sides symmetrical, I had to cheat a bit, so I drew one side onto thin card, folded it in half vertically, cut around the drawn half and traced around it to get the other half. I now have a template or two  to draw around.

By the way, we were only in the Cadbury shop to get advent calendars for the grandchildren, honest. All I bought for me was a pack of sherbet dabs. If you haven’t had a sherbet dab you haven’t lived.  Almost as good as cinder toffee. (I have a vision of friends in the USA frantically googling sherbet dabs. Good luck.)

I was watching Rick Stein the other day, (TV chef) and he was on the island of Corfu, visiting local restaurants and trying dishes based on foraged ingredients. At one point, he was driving through Sidari, which is VERY touristy and commenting in derisory tones about the English beer, MacDonalds, football bar culture there. (It is pretty naff, I agree.) But he really didn’t get it. “Why,”, he asked, “Why would people want to come here when they can get all those things at home?”

This from a man who backpacked around the world in his late teens and spends half his life away from the UK, usually at someone else’s expense, no doubt. I don’t criticise what he does, I rather like his programmes and his attitude to food. (He’s not a nouvelle cuisine type.) But he had no understanding of people who want to get away to the sun, be somewhere foreign but have the comforts of familiar things around them too, but he had the nerve to criticise. I admit, when we go away, we have the best of both worlds; we shop in supermarkets and in the local market place; we eat and drink local products but take our own tea; we drive out into the mountains away from the resorts but we stay in the middle of the tourist areas and we loathe the football bars etc, But if that’s what other people want; if that’s what makes a living for the locals, fine. Nobody makes you go there.

Sorry I was ranting, wasn’t I?

I shall, if the gods of wifi are with me, be posting this from sunnier climes, so from this point on expect spelling errors, random words inserted and an idiosyncratic layout. I still struggle with my flexible keyboard. I’m thinking of dropping hints about notepads rather than a tablet, well, I have had this one almost three years so it’s positively superannuated. (Like me!)


And here in Alcudia the weather Has been A little mixed. One day sunny, one day as grey as can, although still warm enough to be walking about without a jacket, and today is beautiful, so we are off to Cala Ratjada. However, i  think I will curtail this post because my blood pressure cant take much more of working on the tablet.

So here is my response to the Diva Challenge this week. It was a lot more fun than i expectled.




One thought on “Alone again, but not naturally.

  1. Sherbet Dabs, I remember those although I was never fond of the liquorice straw. I used to like the dabs that came in a square packet and had a sort of flat round lollipop to dab in the sherbet.

    I like Rick Stein too, but also agree with you, he does critise people too sometimes. Glad you are having a good time in what should be warmer climes, should I mention we have had the warmest November weather on record. I haven’t even worn a coat to walk along beside the sea – yet we had the heating on at the end of August. crazy or what!

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