Sick of hospitals

Fortunately all my visits have been short but I’ve seen too much of the medical world recently. I have had  in the past a problem with my spine which seems to be recurring and I have therefore been to the doc, who referred me to the consultant, who sent me for an MRI, then back to the consultant, who sent me for an Xray and a CT scan and now I wait for results. Over the same period I have had a flu jab, an eye test for something to do with diabetes and a medication review. In addition, the loved one has had an eye test, a routine heart test and his own medication review. And a letter came today to make an appointment for a mammogram.(Me, not him.)  Enough!

But, joy of joys, Ben is coming up for a few days – wheeeee! I know it will be chaos but I don’t care. I’ve bought a gingerbread house kit so we can make it together – well, stick it together and ice it. And a pumpkin for him to draw on and maybe carve to take home ready for Halloween. And we’ll be going out for a picnic if the weather holds. (It’ll be an indoor picnic otherwise.) Apparently, he’s counting the sleeps until they come. He’s not the only one.

And Christmas shopping.

I like Christmas shopping. I know, you’re not supposed to enjoy  it but I do. I have an excuse to buy things for fun rather than need and I like browsing. However, when someone asks me what I want, I’ve forgotten all those good ideas I’ve had on and off over the year. This year, all I can think of is a giant lasagne dish for big family meals, an insulated bag to take lunches on long journeys  and some star shaped dies for my Bigshot. And my family round me. That’ll do nicely.

As a little treat, I’m going to Wath market on Wednesday. Now, for anyone who knows Wath market, there will be three conclusions to jump to:

  1. It won’t take long, as there are only about a dozen stalls.

2. I’m buying craft supplies – there’s a guy called Keith who sells all sorts of pens and brushes and card and stamps and …. (Really, really cheap and I’m always up for a bargain.)

AND, last but definitely not least –

3. I’m hoping for coffee and cake at Sally Shortcake’s.

Sally, of Sally Shortcake fame, is the daughter of one of my stitch and bitch friends and she runs a cafe in Wath town centre, called, obviously enough, Sally Shortcake. Her coffee is good but her cakes are legendary. Look her up on Facebook. I’m looking forward to it already and it’s only Monday.

You can see why I like it, can’t you?  Proper home made cakes, freshly made that day. And the smell of baking wafts through while you’re eating. Absolute bliss. I might have to go for a bit of a lie down to recover from the excitement.

And I’ve been for a haircut. For years, ever since I had spinal surgery in 2006, I’ve kept my hair very short and spiky but I decided a few months ago that I fancied a change and would grow it into a short Chinese style bob. (Without the thick fringe {bangs, for our transatlantic cousins}- just a wispy spiky fringe- otherwise I look like a Russian prison warder. ) Well, I struggled to have the patience to let it grow but it finally got down to my ears and looked OK but, oh dearie me, so much work. Spiky hair gets ruffled and sprayed and it’s done. Bobbed hair has to be styled just so and looks like Worzel Gummidge when you come out of the swimming pool. No, no, NO!. So today I have been and had it cut back to very short and spiky. Free at last.

And what about Zentangle? I hear you ask.

Well it’s still mainly Christmas cards at present. I keep looking at sites that do challenges and threatening to have a go but I’m pacing myself.  Don’t want to overdo it. Tree 001                Noel 001

These are both about 9 inches square and took a while but they are for family. I do smaller ones otherwise.

I’m into baubles this year, baubles and trees. I think it’s because they are simple shapes and I can cope with simple. I’ve also started one with a five pointed star but the geometry took so long to work out, I needed to do some Zentangle to relax afterwards.  However, this week’s Diva Challenge is a rather nice one –

“This week’s challenge: Be inspired by the season.  If you live where it’s autumn, like here, find inspiration from the fall colours, the leaves, the crunch of the leaves beneath your feet, maybe the frost on the branches… if you live where it’s spring, maybe you’re inspired by the bright green buds, or the new blossoms.”

Now I’ve done a few leaf inspired pieces before but I still wanted to do this one as well.

This has gone from love to hate as I've worked on it and now I'm just a bit, well, it's OK I suppose.

Leaves 2

I've bought a frame for this too, although it still needs a little work on the black smudgy

DC 195 Snag

A bit bigger than usual too, about 6" square.

Box lid black leaves 3

So here is my response to DC 240 and I’ll be back next week, if the medics don’t get me first.

Scanned in colour.
Scanned in colour.
Scanned greyscale.
Scanned greyscale.

Frankly, I can see it’s obvious that I rushed this one. Really should concentrate.

A bientot, world.


16 thoughts on “Sick of hospitals

  1. What wonderful tiles, both cards for Christmas and autumnal ones too. That painting of a leaf over red/green/gold would make a lovely cushion cover. I know what you mean about hospitals. I too have reached that sad time of life when the only time I get dressed up in good clothes is to visit the Hospital. I love Wath, say hello to it for me. I will be thinking of you with cream and meringue all over your chin 🙂

  2. I know exactly what you mean about being up-to-here with medical apps!! Same with the man and I. Although its nice to have a goal…. Being DONE! I does get old. Love the tiles. I’m not much into holiday cards or gift-giving so I’ve tuned a blind eye to the rather-earlier-than-usual onslaught of holiday extravaganzas, but they are creative! I live autumn and everything about it! Thanks for sharing your life.

  3. Magaret you are just too funny!!!   Sorry to hear of your back issues, I hope they get things figured out.

    I keep my hair long and straight, wash and go….:-)

    Love your art work!!!


    Sent from Samsung tablet.

  4. Wow. Already making Christmas-y things. That’s early. *laughs*
    Also; “stitch and bitch”. What a clever name. 😀

    For the leaf tangles; I like the second one (the one that looks somewhat like a wreath), and the one done on black paper.

  5. Wow, so much done in a few days! My favorite is second (blue) one with the movement in it. I love the tangles and also the coloring. Have a great time with Ben!!!!

  6. I always look forward to visiting your blog – and apart from sympathising with your hospital visits – this has been an excellent trip! Your excitement at Ben coming and visiting Wath market is palpable and I love your inclusion of good old Worzel Gummidge, bless him…I know the feeling. I loved having really short hair but mine is so fine that I can’t get away with it anymore but I do envy you!
    And such beautiful tangling – great patterns and stunning output. I love your NOEL card – I can imagine it did take a while but definitely a keeper.
    Hope all goes well with the results..

  7. I find all of your leaf-inspired creations simply gorgeous! The first one you posted I find especially creative and interesting as it seems symmetrical at first sight but actually isn’t.

  8. Sounds like you have some good things to look forward to along with the medical visits. If it makes you feel any better, the physician I sleep with (actually, it’s 3:00 a.m., he’s sleeping and I’m not—obviously) also dislikes having to be on the receiving end of doctor visits. Just last night at dinner we were both cataloging the list of doctors’ and study appointments we were supposed to have made, but haven’t.

    It sounds as though they are doing your diagnostic tests out of order. On this side of The Pond, you get an MRI only if they can’t see whatever it is they’re looking for on an xray or CT scan. (Did I ever mention that before I was a tangler, I was a disability lawyer? Combine that with being a doctor’s wife and you’d be amazed at the number of misguided people who think I’m qualified to give them medical advice. Now, you have not solicited any medical advice from me, so I feel comfortable opining about your medical care notwithstanding the fact that I have no idea what I’m talking about.) BTW, I still haven’t gotten my flu shot. Mr./Dr. Excitement has only had his because they made him get one at work.

    Now down to opining about your art which I can do because one doesn’t need an advanced degree to have an opinion about art. That’s quite a collection of very attractive leaf art you’ve amassed. However quickly you might have done the Diva’s challenge, I like the leaves you came up for your response. I like it best in color (colour) although I quite like the other one above that you did in black and white. I’m also fond of your blueish-greenish Christmas tree card.

    Have fun with Ben. Our older son is named Ben and he also loved hanging out with his grandma.

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