Nor bad for a five year old's first attempt, is it?
Nor bad for a five year old’s first attempt at Zentangle, is it?

Pronounced Fo-be- cue, as in fake barbecue. This was Rachel’s idea, not original, I don’t suppose, but she decided it was her turn to cook and we were having a faubecue. All the food to be cooked and eaten in the house but in the style of a barbecue. (I didn’t like to tell her that there’s another name for it – a meal!) So off she went to buy what she needed. Now bear in mind, this is for five adults and a five year old: steak, gammon steaks, chicken breasts, lamb steaks, sausages, chicken goujons, haloumi, feta, roast peppers, mixed salad, tender leaf salad, potato salad, bread rolls, jacket potatoes and belly pork slices. Suffice it to say, there was enough for a meal the following day and Alex’s dog was happily wagging too.  We had food for a week in two days. Oh, and a cream cake, obviously. The loved one and  I are on salad for the foreseeable future.

On a slightly tangential note, one or two people commented on the cirquital pic I showed last week and I ought to have told you about what happened as I was doing it.

I was experimenting with Cirquital and this is how it turned out. Sepia Micron pen, Zenstone and a brown pencil.
I was experimenting with Cirquital and this is how it turned out. Sepia Micron pen, Zenstone and a brown pencil.

I was sitting out in the garden, keeping an eye on Ben as he played in the paddling pool and doodling at the same time (I was doodling, he was paddling) , when he came to join me and, of course, wanted to use my pens. Clearly, that was NOT going to happen, so I brought out his own set of pencils for him to draw. He sat quietly watching me for a while – a unique event in itself – and then drew the picture you see at the top of the page. I’ve already signed him up for CZT training!

And it’s just too quiet.

They are on their way home even as I write and the house is gradually being wiped clear of all evidence that they were ever here. I keep wanting to leave the fingerprints on the windows.



Anyway, just to get us over the feeling of loss, (And they’re only in Wales for Heaven’s Sake, they’re only four hours down the motorway.) we went to the Garden Party at Hooton Pagnel Hall today. (Look it up here https://hootonpagnellhall.com/ and here https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hooton_Pagnell) A close family friend lives and works there and is one of the chief organisers of village events and she invited us as her guests. It was all rather splendid, with gazebos in the walled garden and live music and a huge faith buffet in the summer house. I have to admit to the consumption of quite a lot of prosecco and/or champagne but I wasn’t driving for once, so it didn’t matter. The sun shone and the music was good so we had a great afternoon, coming home feeling drowsy but content.

She's a teacaholic, so it seemed the right thing for her.
She’s a teacaholic, so it seemed the right thing for her.


A while ago, I did a ZIA for Rachel’s birthday, which is next month, and I have been keeping it hidden until I gave it to her. However, while they were here, I couldn’t wait any longer and showed it to her to see if she liked it. (She always says yes, bless her, but I think she meant it.) It’s about 8″x 8″ and the colours are vibrant so I’m quite pleased with it. I used Micron pens and Koi Water Colour brushes, plus a few Gelly Rolls for some of the detail. It was my first biggish piece using the Koi brushes and I experimented a lot with blending and shading. I therefore used “easy” patterns, well, ones I’ve been using for a while.

And now I feel a bit more confident, I’ve done quite a big piece, using verve as the string, plus a couple of new to me patterns, like schnek and the one between flux and riki tiki. (Already forgotten its name, doh!) This one is coloured with Promarkers, which proved a bot tricky because it’s on water colour card so the colours bleed enthusiastically but I did the colour first, let it dry and then patterned on top. Some of the deeper shades were enhanced with InkTense pencils and a water brush afterwards, plus, of course, some Gelly Roll here and there.  I like it enough to frame, I think.

The colours are brighter than they show up here but it's too big to scan.
The colours are brighter  in daylight than they show up here but it’s too big to scan.

And now it’s the Diva Challenge and the guest challenger is Erin Olsen, otherwise known as the Bright Owl. She has a Zendala Dare which I try every now and then, so it was no surprise when she offered us a zendala template to do with as we will. I haven’t decided yet whether to keep inside the lines or go a bit off piste. I’ll try both and see what happens.


Well I really have had fun with this one, although I’m none too pleased with the finished product. I normally draw on card or water colour paper, so I couldn’t print this and then use my light box to trace the pattern so I printed it directly onto the card. This meant that, when I wanted to change the shapes a bit – oh come on, was I going to stick within the lines? As if. –

This before I filled in the black areas or did any shading, so you can still clearly see the original printed template.
This before I filled in the black areas or did any shading, so you can still clearly see the original printed template.

I had to find a way to incorporate them and this wasn’t a complete success. However, I may add a little colour and see if that disguises things a bit.

Finished, I think, but colour may help.
Finished, I think, but colour may help.

If ever you wanted to make a case against the “no mistakes in Zentangle”, look no further.

So that’s it for this week, world, I’m off to explore how other people have met the challenge. You can do that by going to the “I Am The Diva” blog, go on, you know you want to…


17 thoughts on “Faubecue

  1. I like the way your daughter thinks although her son might wonder why no one knows what he’s talking about when he tells them about the faubecure at grandma’s house. I love that he wanted to do some tangling with you or next to you. My father was an artist and our sons (one of them a Ben) used to love when they could disappear into Grandpa Bob’s studio with him to do “projects”—some of which involved sawing and hammering as I recall. I’m not sure how a light box works (I know, “Google it”), but it would probably be less messy than the technique I used to get Erin’s string onto my Zendala tile. I wasn’t thrilled with my response to her challenge, but c’est le vie—non? BTW, I shared a link to the tangle I believe I’ve invented on my challenge post. Your verdict as to whether that’s the case would be appreciated

  2. Every time my daughter (who lived in UK for many years and in Switzerland for four years now) leaves (like last week after a visit to celebrate her birthday here with us in the Netherlands) I have that feeling of loss. End that’s also only about 61/2 hours from here. So, you’re not alone 🙂 or should it be :-(?????
    Great, that zendala from your grandson; has to be framed! But the one that really should be framed is the Verve piece, that is absolutely gorgeous!!!!
    The zendala is beautiful too.

  3. Mama I think you will find it was a Fauxbecue and with a butchers like you’ve got around the corner I couldn’t resist buying lots of meat. I wish the internet people could see just how awesome your pics are. The teapot is wonderful and I’ve very grateful for it and your swirly blue picture is honestly amazing! You rock and we miss you.

  4. What a feast your Fauxbecue was, and your talented grandson has a tangled future I’m sure! I love the work you do with color, but I also think your Diva challenge Zendala is really lovely as is. Thank you for a great post and for sharing your beautiful work with us.

  5. All are wonderful! Especially I like the piece with Verve. Fantastic colours! I like your zendala with its fine contrast, too! Your grandson is very talented boy!

  6. All of your work here is incredible! I love your Cirquital. I’ve made several attempts at it this week and I’m just not gelling with it. Your work is inspiring.

  7. What a delightful time you’ve had with your family, and I LOVE that zentangle your little guy made. Good work! Your spirally one is my favorite, but the zendala is terrific. Love the finery style leaves. pretty!

  8. Such a beautiful contribution to the zendala challenge. Amazing, the difference before and after the additional black and shading. I like it very much – and also Ben’s contribution: He probably will be the next generation’s zentangle guru! 🙂

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