The tension mounts

I think this is beautiful and may colour it for a friend for Christmas.
I think this is beautiful and may colour it for a friend for Christmas.

By the time you read this, of course, the tension will have stopped mounting because the thing I am waiting for will have happened – Ben will be here. He and his mum and dad are coming to stay for a few days and I am getting ridiculously excited. My daughter, his mum, is very like me in some ways, poor girl, and one of those ways is her need to organise everyone, me included. They arrive on Saturday and she already has plans for virtually every hour they are here.

This includes a birthday party for Ben. His birthday is 27th December, but, as it is so near to Christmas he risks losing out by getting to celebrate just once, so, like the Queen, he has an official birthday mid year. The date she has chosen this year is the Sunday they are at our house. She’s not daft is she? We’ve invited family round and we’re praying for good weather so they can play out on the garden, preferably in the paddling pool and tents etc. Food will be buffet style to make things easier ( so they say.) and she has already ordered a cake from a local shop.

Monday we are going to the cinema to see Inside Out and Tuesday we are all going to the seaside. Wednesday we will spend close to home, unless she thinks of something else and Thursday they go home to Wales. Friday the loved one and I will check in to a home for the terminally exhausted…

I like this one best and am longing to try one of my own.
I like this one best and am longing to try one of my own.

I am unlikely, therefore, to get much drawing done, once they have arrived. I’ve bought the decorations for pirate buns for Ben and me to make together and I saw a site with instructions for making glitter stars and ornaments which I think we will do on Saturday afternoon.

So now, right now, I am drawing. Firstly, a couple of pieces downloaded from the Joanne Fink blog which are really good fun. One can be seen at the top of the page and this is the second one. I’m going to do a fair amount of patterning and then add colour but I already suspect it should be the other way round – do the colour and then add patterns but hey ho, too late now, as I’ve started  this one.  PAUSE -And, as I took a break for some tangling, here is the finished version, full colour, patterns, metallic pens, everything.

The colours are much brighter but scanning just doesn't do them justice.
The colours are much brighter but scanning just doesn’t do them justice.

I’m also still working on Christmas cards and trees seem to be the easiest motif for tangling, although baubles are also on the list. In fact, I had a trawl through my box of dies and found a set of bauble shaped ones, so I think that’s the next step.



Well, like the film says “They’re here…”

Ben and I decorated the party buns, except he lost interest after three minutes and spent his time jumping on Grandad instead. He does love his Grandad. We watched TV together after our evening meal, took him to bed, read him a story called “Seventeen Kings and Forty two elephants” and then spent an hour and a half putting him back in bed because he was soooooo excited to be here.

So when he climbed into bed with Grandad at five the following morning, his popularity started to wane. So anyway… The loved one and I took him out to a local toy shop to choose his five and a half-th birthday present, while his mum did most of the work preparing food for the afternoon.




Ben is the one in the Minecraft hat and his third change of clothes of the day.
Ben is the one in the Minecraft hat and his third change of clothes of the day.

The sun shone. Oh yes, it does just now and then. Fabulous. Everyone out on the garden for a huge picnic; the kids in the paddling pool and, therefore, water thrown in all directions and everyone a bit drippy by the end of the afternoon. By six o’clock all the adults were ready for bed and Ben was still zooming round like an cider crazed bee. His favourite honorary auntie arrived then and he calmed down enough to tell her all about it and chase her with his new remote control tarantula. (Guess who bought him THAT!) Anyway, he then went to bed with very little trouble and didn’t get up until half past six this morning. Apparently that’s good.

So this morning his daddy and mummy have gone out for a tattoo. Other people go for a walk in the park or coffee and cake but not these two. She now has a Russian doll on her arm and he has a set of zombies. I, on the other hand, spent the morning building a Tardis that his uncle Andrew gave Ben for his birthday, while the loved one fitted Daleks, Cybermen, Oods and Davros with batteries. Our house now echoes with “Exterminate, exterminate…”, “You will be sent for up grade…” and “Welcome. You are unauthorized. Your death will now be implemented. You will experience a tingling sensation and then death. Remain calm while your life is extracted.”. He loves it.

Now listen. Silence. Rachel, Kris and Ben have just gone out for a walk to the children’s playground in the village. The house is ours again, if only for a while. Shall I tidy up? Shall I put away the toys? Not bloody likely. I’m going to tangle, because today is Diva Day and the guest Challenger is Sandy Hunter, who asks us to respect the white space. I can do that. But it will have to be quick, before chaos makes its welcome return.  Do you remember those old war films? “I don’t like it, it’s too quiet…”?

I was experimenting with Cirquital and this is how it turned out. Sepia Micron pen, Zenstone and a brown pencil.
I was experimenting with Cirquital and this is how it turned out. Sepia Micron pen, Zenstone and a brown pencil.

And I suppose this one that I did yesterday in a brief oasis of calm almost fits the bill. But just in case it’s not quite the right idea, there is another one destined for Christmas cards, where I did the patterns around the Christmas symbol. I’ll add glitter but not, I think, colour. So, before  the onslaught recommences, my answer to this week’s Challenge is …

DC 229b







Well, world,  I thought I’d finished but I just remembered something.  Firstly, a thank you to the people who comment on my blog. Like everyone else, I love to know what you think, so please don’t stop. I’ll look at all your challenges too, I promise.

19 thoughts on “The tension mounts

  1. Busy times for you! I am amazed at how much work you did anyway. Tangling is a bit calming at least! I really like what you did with Cirquital and it’s never too early to start on Christmas 🙂

  2. Brilliant! Looks like you’ve been having a lovely week, though beware of tingling sensations, won’t you!

    Love how the Joanna Fink template turned out – really pretty. I sometimes run my scanned pictures through a photo editor – usually BeFunky, which is free – in order to do justice to the colours. The final file is also smaller and easier to upload to t’internet. Had to laugh that you are still on a Christmas theme with this week’s challenge! I’m melting here in southern Spain and it will be quite some time before I can think of Christmas!
    Great post!

  3. I love your cirquital, it is quite atmospheric especially as we had a blue moon recently. Have you tried tangling with Ben yet? That might quieten him down.

    1. Ben sat at the table in the garden with her and copied one of her tangles, I shall get her to upload it. It was quite impressive lol

  4. I need a nap just after reading about your household activities—whew. I currently have very low maintenance company although I just took a break from work on my lap tap because their enormously cute 4 pound long haired chihuahua, Montecristo, let it be known that he wanted to be on my lap. The computer lost that competition, of course. If Ben has a summer birthday, I suppose it’s perfectly logical that you are also doing your Christmas cards. I would have submitted the Christmas tree for this challenge and collapsed, so I’m super impressed that you proceeded to produce a piece just for the Diva challenge.

  5. I do like your tiles for the challenge and that you had the time to draw! Last Saturday my daughter and her partner came over from Switzerland to celebrate her birthday here in the Netherlands. They stayed at us until yesterday, went to her brother and his partner (they live only 7 km away from here) were we also went in the afternoon to have a BBQ for her birthday. So, we both (you and I) had a GREAT family weekend; we are blessed people, aren’t we!?

  6. great work on that cirquital…it’s such an eerie and scary looking tangle, and you’ve put a moon behind it…shiver! Wonderful tiles, both of them, and have so much fun with that grand kid! yay!

  7. Dear M,

    Thank you for leaving such a sweet note on my Diva Challenge entry ❤ I'm replying you here instead to make it easier for you to get to 🙂

    I believe the tangle you are after is Pop-cloud by Carla Du Preez : _

    My version looks slightly different in that I tangleated it to look more like waves on purpose, but the steps used are the same as Carla's.

    P.S. Was Inside Out any good? 🙂


    1. Hi Debbie, Thank you for the info about the pattern, I’m going to try it out tonight and see if I can manage that lovely flow you have achieved. As for “Inside Out”, well it was OK and Ben enjoyed it a lot. I enjoyed “Up” more and I absolutely loved “Despicable Me” 1 and 2. Now that I’ve realised that Debbie and Hesedetang are the same person – I know, I’m a bit slow but I finally got there, I shall keep an eye out for your work, which i like very much.

  8. Seems like you were very busy. Your Cirquital tile reminds me of looking at the moon. Your tree really does stand out. Was not as successful getting that contrast on my tile.

  9. Wow! You are definitely having a busy week! My kids (all grown) and I love Dr. Who; I am re-watching some episodes now. Although David Tennent is my favorite doctor I prefer Matt Smith’s episodes. Any episode with Riversong is one I really enjoy.

    I absolutely adore your sepia toned tile looking up through cirquital at the moon! Gorgeously stunning! And your Christmas tree tile is a perfect submission for this week’s Diva Challenge.

    Now, I have to go check out Joanne Fink’s blog and what she has there. 😉

  10. Wow! What a busy week. And yet you found time to tangle. That’s inspirational.

    Great job on the Christmas tree. I really love the cirquital one also–so deep and mysterious looking.

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