Ta Daaaah!

This is my labyrinth fo lst week's Diva Challenge.
This is my labyrinth for last week’s Diva Challenge.

And, finally, the reveal.

I mentioned  in my last two posts that i had a secret and today I’m telling all. So, ta dah!

When I met up with Lynnel Harlow some weeks ago, she gave me contact details for Woodware and Stampendous , craft suppliers based about 50 miles from where I live, and they offered me the opportunity to go with them to a craft show to demo some of their products. Me. Yup, you heard, Maggibee, the dumpy middle aged retired teacher is going to be demo-ing using the Dreamweaver stencils, Sakura pens, paints and pencils.


Talk about a fairy tale. Wow. It’s one of those Sweet Charity “If they could see me now” moments. So on Tuesday and Wednesday I shall be in London at the London Stationery Show giving demonstrations. At the moment the excitement is tinged with abject terror but I suspect I’m going to love it.

I plan to take a couple of folders containing previous work, a sketchbook with prepared strings and stencilled pages and some larger pieces, partly complete, to work on at the stand. So now you know. Will I tell you all about it afterwards? Well, what do you think?

Using the same Dreamweaver flower stencil I've used before.
Using the same Dreamweaver flower stencil I’ve used before.

Yesterday we went to visit my cousin and,while the chaps went to a couple of local hostelries for a beverage or two, she and I played with stencils again. We looked at a Barbara Grey video and then tried it ourselves. It was fun, although we had a couple of failures, but the finished products were quite pleasing. We used some stuff called Gunge to fill the stencils and acrylic paint and I finished mine off when I got home with a little gilding wax. It made a pleasant change from drawing, I thought.

The flower shows up better than the shells but I think I’ll get better with practice. Well, I HOPE I will.

A wreath of shells, also using a Dreamweaver stencil.
A wreath of shells, also using a Dreamweaver stencil.

And, in the meantime, some more drawing and some writing. The writing is the Diva’s fault, actually. It was that Amanda Day thing we did last week. I wondered how the earth would feel about her new name, so a I wrote a little story for Artoo and Chewie. I posted it on here during the week, called Amanda’s Secret, if you want to read it but do bear in mind it’s aimed at children.

I’ve started a Pinterest page thingy to store ZIA that I find and like, Step Outs that aren’t on Tangle patterns.com and all my Diva Challenge tiles. I can’t believe how many there are of the latter. They are called, and I know this is a bit complicated but bear with me – My Diva Challenge Tiles and, get this, How To’s and Step Outs. Crazy.

So, I may not manage the Diva Challenge until later in the week, I suppose it depends how busy I am. I’ve packed and re-packed my case until my clothes are begging me to leave them alone. I keep having to remind myself that it’s a stationery show and that I therefore will not run out of paper and I keep checking that my nails are clean because how embarrassing would it be to have people watching you draw and your nails were dirty? Have I got my priorities right  here?


Some of my bits and pieces on the stand.
Some of my bits and pieces on the stand.

So  we’ve done a day at the show and it’s been  great fun. I’m  preaching the gospel with enthusiasm and getting people to give it a try. It’s a trade show, so it’s not the artists/crafters themselves who are looking round but retailers that Woodare are hoping to supply. There are all sorts of fabulous items on display but none for sale, thank Heaven, or I would have bankrupted myself by now. Why is stationery so appealing? And gadgets? Boxes that look like books and books that look like boxes. Laptop cases with Klimt designs and fountain pens inlaid with pearl and gold leaf. Corrr!  Electric erasers! I think we must have taken a detour on the way down here and ended up in Paradise by mistake.

Only the ones in the lower frame are mine, the others are made by Woodware people and the quality of what they produced was fabulous.
Only the ones in the lower frame are mine, the others are made by Woodware people and the quality of what they produced was fabulous.


I’ve had a look at the Diva Challenge and she has asked us to do a labyrinth. I had a think and a couple of abortive efforts and then I remembered those things we used to do with the children, where you had a page with strings and if you followed the right one, you got to the middle. So, using a mix of patterns, I’m giving it a go. We’ll see.



And now more time has

passed and I am sitting by the pool on a Greek island.  I’ve decided to do one post for two Challenges, as things have been a tad hectic recently.

Yesterday, we went into Chania, the nearest big town. It has an amazing market, and I may have to return, and a stunning Venet

ian harbour. At ground level, all the bars and restaurants are beautiful; chic, traditonal,  bijou, fast foood, diner, caves.  I want to go in all of them.


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