Block v Overload

When we got back from Majorca, having had a slightly disappointing time because of the weather, I expected to be diving back into the Tangle pool with relief. I had a couple of cards I wanted to do and had started at least three things while we were away that I expected to finish pretty quickly. (I do that, starting half a dozen things all at once and, if I lose the impetus, never finishing them.) But no. Didn’t get back into it, didn’t finish anything, didn’t feel like it. Dammit!

The Diva Challenge didn’t help because I couldn’t get to grips with the pattern involved. I did a birthday card for a friend – it was on my last post – but it wasn’t exactly imaginative. Pretty? well, yes, but nothing to get excited about.  Oh it is so infuriating, when you know that drawing something will make you feel good but you can’t think what to do.

Had a look at Joanne Fink’s blog and it just made me feel inferior. (To be fair, it normally sets my creative juices flowing, but not this time.) Had a trawl round Pinterest and it was two hours later and still nothing on paper. Now there were too many ideas in my head and no decision making software in place to choose where to start. Doh! And then I went to Stitch and Bitch and the muse struck. Why? Dunno. What was the trigger? Dunno. Well, actually, of course I do know; I was with friends who are all creative in their different ways and we were showing each other what we had been working on since our last meeting. There was knitting and crochet, embroidery on gauze, patchwork  and card making and suddenly I was full of ideas.

Do you know the hymn, “Jerusalem”?

“Bring me my pen, Sakura #1,

Bring me my pencil, sharp and black,

Bring me my card, oh let’s get on

And get my Tangle mojo back on track.

I shall not cease from mental strife,

Nor shall my pen sleep in my hand,

Till I have drawn Jerusalem

Oh ain’t that Tangled feeling grand?”

Well I’m sure William Blake will be spinning like a top but I needed a rousing chorus and there it was!

What did I start with then?

A set of templates for the next SnB, which is at my house and we are going to tangle together, so I decided that, instead of just learning new patterns and techniques, we would do a small project too. so the plan is, give the girls a template designed by yours truly and add colour. Leave them to dry and use the time for learning new patterns and techniques and then use said new patterns to fill the template.

I've done three different vases like this for them to choose from, plus a teacup and saucer, a coffee mug  and a swirl string.
I’ve done three different vases like this for them to choose from, plus a teacup and saucer, a coffee mug and a swirl string.

Knowing my friends as I do, I was aware that something representational would be preferred to a string so this is what I came up with:

And then there was a feather, which is not an original idea,  but I do like them, so I’ve done three of them too, only having finished one so far but here it is.

Got one or two other ideas not yet started but will tell you about them another time.

I really enjoyed doing this.
I really enjoyed doing this.



I had trouble choosing patterns for this, so I went onto, my rescue site, and just used patterns beginning with F. Why F? Dunno. There does seem to be a lot of dunno in my blog this week but that’s how it was. Once I’d got going, of course, a few old favourites crept in and now I’m looking forward to patterning the other two. They will be in the same colours but this time I’m going to use patterns beginning with K and Q respectively. Why? Dunno!


And then I was talking to Ben, my grandson, who had been to the Dr Who Experience in Cardiff and described it as follows:



“Yes Ben?”

“The thing is, well…We went to the Dr Who Experience and I had a Slush (Soft drink) and I drove the Tardis.  We was neely sterminated and the Weeping Angels didn’t get me because I did zackly what the Doctor said and didn’t blink or look round so that was alright. Phew!”

Phew indeed.

“So what are you doing today, Ben?”

“Playing Minecraft. I did a house, look”

and the camera swirls round so I can see his screen

“It’s green and yellow blanket bricks because it’s built on ice because otherwise it would fall through into the water but the blankets will keep us warm.”

“Won’t our feet get cold?”

“Well, yes, but we need to be able to see the squid swimming underneath don’t we?”

Can’t argue with that can you?

And tomorrow is Diva Day and another challenge. Can’t wait.


Monday – mid afternoon. The diva Challenge is out and it’s a goodie. She asks us to use Cubine and Pokeroot in a duotangle. I like both of these patterns, although I find them both a bit of a challenge, but that’s the point isn’t it?


Here’s my first attempt, but there may be more. I do worry about what goes on in my head because, when I look at this, I see a tree branch outside a prison wall. Oh my, oh my.

I do worry about what goes on in my head because, when I look at this, I see a tree branch outside a prison wall. Oh my, oh my.


DC 207aBut, a little later, this was more fun!



13 thoughts on “Block v Overload

  1. Let’s face it, sometimes the Zentangle Muse is MIA (missing in action) and then, when you least expect it, up she pops. I’m happy to say that she clearly came roaring back for you. I think your feather is especially inspired. You’ve also managed a very credible duotangle for this week’s Diva’s challenge, your discomfort with Pokeberry and Cubine notwithstanding. Your grandson sounds like a charming little fellow. I hope to have one of my own someday, but I have enough sense (most of the time) to not mention that around my son and daughter-in-law.

  2. So glad you got your Mojo back. Love your responses to the Diva challenge, they are so unique. Wish I was at the SNB so I could play with the vases and cups. Enjoy.

  3. Both dua-tangle tiles are beautiful, but the last one is very impressive!! I love your creativity in that one!!!

  4. Both tiles are nice, but I especially like the open feeling of the second one. Good job – and glad you got your muse back…she slips away from us all at times, but then, maybe even muses need a vacation from time to time.

  5. Your grandson sounds like such a firecracker…what a cutie! My email has changed as we continue to go forward. I am still digging out from my trip to the UK, but I will settle in soon. Your zentangle challenge work is beautiful and can’t wait to hear how your group enjoys the Zentangle philosophy, be sure to ENJOY!

  6. charming post as always. It makes me feel like I’m sitting at your kitchen table sipping tea. And what a sweet little grandson you’ve got there. My grandson is also a Minecraft aficionado, but I don’t know if he prefers to view squid through his floors.
    All of your pieces are great, I especially love the feather. I know I would have enjoyed that one very much, and am planning on stealing your idea flat out.
    The challenge tiles, I must agree…the first one does look like a branch and a wall…though mine would have been a secret garden wall and I can see Mary Lennox peering over it.
    But the second one really grabbed me. It looks modern and hip, like an entertainment center you might find in a high end designer’s home. You’ve captured the contrast between round and square that IS this challenge. Good work!

  7. I *love* your second Diva Challenge tile. I like how you used the back square as the open area and darkened in the shaded side. I’m always grateful when I see something that is unique; it inspires me. Great job!

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