New friends and old

I’d better start right now by saying that the “old” friends obviously aren’t “old” at  all in terms of age or they  will never speak to me again.

Last time, I mentioned I was looking forward to meeting up with a blog friend from America, who I met via the Diva Challenge and I met up with her the following day. One of the founder members of my Stitch and Bitch group, and one of my oldest friends, came with me and I suspect that she and I talked so much that Lynnell and her friend Fran didn’t get the chance to say much at all. We had arranged to meet at Leeds station and, rather than carrying a rose between my teeth or a placard saying “Hi, I’m Maggibee, fly me…” I’d described us as “tall in a camel coat with small and dumpy in a red coat” and, in spite of the station concourse being significantly bigger than I remembered, we found each other within moments of arrival.

It was a good start to an excellent afternoon. Not knowing Leeds particularly well, I’d asked my niece where we should go for lunch and her answer was a follows:

“Well, the Alchemist at the top of the Trinity Centre has nice food and excellent views all across the city or LivinItaly is close to the station, has good food and the waiters are dishy. Depends what you want to look at really.”

I passed on this information to the ladies and guess where we went.  You betya! (And the food was excellent too.)

We talked and talked and talked some more and then we took a deep breath and talked some more. Lynell and Fran are both dyed in the wool crafters and Lynnell had brought a couple of pieces she and her husband had done using Dreamweaver stencils. Stunning work. Actually, let’s face it, they are proper artists. I’d taken a couple of mine to show them too and they were very kind about them.

Lynnell tells me her husband Wayne did the zentangled one by hand and she used stencil brushed and an ink pad for the monochrome one. Love 'em both.
Lynnell tells me her husband Wayne did the zentangled one by hand and she used stencil brushed and an ink pad for the monochrome one. Love ’em both.

To my intense delight, she gave me two of them as a parting gift and I have mounted them ready to frame.  The stencil used here is from Dreamweaver, which was Lynnell and Wayne’s company, which they have just sold to Stampendous, whose owner, Fran, was the second lady we met.

I’ve been on both websites, of course, and can only admire. Stampendous also includes Woodware Stamps, which are among my favourites because they do some that are good outlines for ZIA. Quite a few of them on my birthday wishlist as you can imagine.

Full of pizza, tirimasu and bonhomie, we reluctantly parted, with promises to stay in touch. I think we really will, too, because we have so much in common, if only that we laugh at the same things.  And, afterwards, we emailed to say thank you and both remarked on the same thing – that it didn’t feel like meeting strangers for the first time, but that we must have already been friends who just hadn’t met yet.

It’s a very good feeling.


The loved one and I went to Majorca the following day with another not so old friend, the one I did the picture for. As a result, I only had my usual drawing kit with me, so couldn’t think what to do for last week’s Challenge, which asked us to try something new in terms of medium. Since there were three of us, there was less time to draw so, for the first time since I “discovered” the Diva blog, I didn’t do the Challenge. We had an excellent holiday but it was, sadly, in spite of the weather, rather than because of it. We had one superb day at C’an Picafort and Cala Rajada and the rest were cool, with intermittent cloud and/or rain. The cathedral in Palma was breathtaking, although you needed a degree in technology to work the audio guide. I bought a glass clock that will be the inspiration for one or two tangles, I suspect and we had a walk round the indoor market, wishing we needed meat, fish and vegetables, as they all looked soooo good.

We took NSOF (Not So Old Friend) to some of our favourite places on the island but even they didn’t thrill as they should, mainly because we were huddled in jackets, waterproofs and scarves too much of the time. Ah well, only a month to the next trip.

This is a practice shot for the session my friends and I are having next week.
This is a practice shot for the session my friends and I are having next week.

Since we got back, I made a card for another NSOF birthday. I hope she likes it, I’ll be giving it to her at our next Stitch and Bitch meeting on Friday.

I also did the Square One Facebook focus pattern, which was Sez but, since I missed thr previous one, I combined them and used Strircles too. (And Florz and some nameless squirly bits)  S 1 strircles and sez

I sort of regard Laura Harms as a friend now, along with several others who I’ve “met” via the Diva Challenge and I love looking at their – your – work each week. I rarely respond to comments left on here, mainly because I’m lazy, but I do love them.  So it was with great sadness that I read that one of my favourite artist/contributors has recently lost his wife. I’m not going to put his name on here, although many of you will know him, but it’s his private life so… I sent my condolences and was unsurprised to see many familiar names alongside mine. I suspect caring is another common factor between us.

Un batz. It'll do for now but I feel it isn't a triumph.
Un batz. It’ll do for now but I feel it isn’t a triumph.

So my Diva Challenge this week is a little subdued and my thoughts are elsewhere, but I’ve given it a go because that’s what keeps us together.





9 thoughts on “New friends and old

  1. How lucky you are to have had a visit from one of “our” friends. Isn’t the Internet just amazing that way? I like how you used the tangle in the round. Creative thinking!

  2. Delightful post. Your writing style is so homely and warm. What a blessing to meet online friends and the gift of some very special art works.
    Actually, I like your unbatz tile. It is fitting, being sort of zendala-y and circle of life-y.

  3. I also love meeting blogging friends IRL and like you, they never seem like strangers. Next month, in addition to going to a CZT training in mid April, I’m going to a travel blogging conference in Lloret del Mar on the Costa Brava where I’ll finally have the chance to meet other Boomer Travel Bloggers from a FB group for which I’m an admin. So much of my travel has been as a trailing spouse, it should be interesting to see whether I’ve lost my independent woman mojo. Speaking of spouses, my husband (Mr. Excitement) has a conference in Birmingham during the first week in May, 2016—-so, please pencil me into your busy calendar.:-) (

    BTW, you won’t feel at all in awe of me as a crafter. I have an unfinished quilt in the closet next to my sewing machine which is gathering dust. I may be repeating myself, but I spent the 1969-70 school year in England—it was O level year for me. I had to do an art O level because that’s all that fit into my schedule. My teacher, the head of the art department, described my work as “sooner careful than creative”—ouch. This was particularly galling as we were there because my father was an exchange art teacher for the year. Oh well. He considered me his musical child and I did win a regional recorder competition while we were in England. (My youngest sister was his artistic child and our middle sister was the drama queen (in more ways than one). 😉 Ironically, I think Zentangle and tangling in general is a perfect creative outlet for someone like me who is “sooner careful than creative.”

    Unbatz was difficult for some of us, so seeing that you pulled it off in the round is impressive.

  4. Nice to read both versions of the meeting 🙂 Yes, this community is a caring one and I think many of us are sending prayers or thoughts to David.

  5. You both had so much fun and pleasure in each other’s company. It was fun to “meet” you both through your descriptions of your meeting – although I don’t think you said enough about the dishy waiters. Oh well…
    Your tile is lovely and I would like to add my continued prayers and loving thoughts for David. Life holds so much for us all, both joyous and sorrowful so I guess we just live each day as it comes. Thanks for sharing – your work and your delightful story.

  6. Nice work in the round with this tangle.Sounds like you had a great visit. I have not gone that far to meet people that I had only know from the internet. Was still fun to meet them.

  7. Hello…my friend, your blog as usual is well written, I can see you telling it now. After meeting you, I can picture you in my mind expressing it, it’s a nice feeling. You must be busy busy, just getting back from your travels. But yet there you are with such beautiful tiles and cards for friends. Maggie you sure seem to accomplish much, my goal for tomorrow is to go to a store nearby that has an open knitting group, you’ve inspired me. Take care and i’ll be in touch!

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