Surprises and resolutions

Surprises first, I think. I did it! Yup, cleared out the unfinished/unlikely to be finished stuff, completed some and there’s space, oh yes indeed, there’s space between the boxes, tubs and folders in my craft room. (Not for long but…) Anyway, huzzah for me!

And resolutions? Well the first is obviously to avoid it getting into that state again. I’m not confident but you never know. And second, to go back to some basic Zentangle. When I started, I kept finding patterns, trying them out and, when I had a satisfactory version, storing them in a pretty box. More recently, I’ve been going off in all directions, trying to do everything instead of really working to improve my technique. So… some time to be spent on random “stuff” and a little time – each day if I can manage it- to completing my little (big) box of tangles.

I did another couple for my friend to choose from for her birthday.

I'm going to add a bit more bling to this, I think.
I’m going to add a bit more bling to this, I think.

The paisley one has more metallic areas than can be seen on the scan but you get the general idea.  I know she will like the colours but I’m not sure about the design.

The other one is unlikely to be to her taste but I did enjoy doing it. It doesn’t use any official Zentangle designs but I quite like the effect.


This is based on a Youtube video I saw, which was black pen on white. I like it on the grey/green card but am in two minds about the added colour.
This is based on a Youtube video I saw, which was black pen on white. I like it on the grey/green card but am in two minds about the added colour.

As part of my cardmaking fun, I buy stamps and there have been a few recently that lend themselves to Zentangle, so I stamped one in brown onto a cream card and one in cream onto a dark red card, then coloured and patterned them as seemed apprepriate. Here they are and, I think, quite nice. Stamp red                     Stamp sepia


A friend of mine runs a charity shop to support Parkinson’s Disease and I’ve told her to let me have any unwanted frames. I’ll do Zentangles to fit the frames and she can have them back to sell in the shop. She won’t make much out of it but I’ll have the pleasure of drawing plus the novelty of virtue doing something I enjoy for a good cause.

The focus pattern for Square One on Facebook was called Well, not one I’ve used before and not one I’ve found easy. Do I ever? It can be grid or not, so, being me, I went for NOT. Hmmmm. Here are the three I’ve done so far and now I’m going to try a grid, as these aren’t quite right somehow. I will get a handle on it, I WILL.

And this one makes me think of fairies.
And this one makes me think of fairies.
Why does this one look a bit threatening?
Why does this one look a bit threatening?
Children's windmills for the beach?
Children’s windmills for the beach?

And then it was Diva Day and we’re doing something Valentine-ish. Well I’ve done a heart and filled it with slushy patterns – Heartstrings, Kiss and Hugs and Kissess. A bit lacking in imagination I’m afraid but there it is. May try something else and do another one. We’ll see.

DC 203

And the final, joyful surprise? My son has got a new job. Hurrah, hurrah, hurrah!!!




16 thoughts on “Surprises and resolutions

  1. #1) Congratulations on the decluttering success. I had high hopes of leaving my desk at home spotless when we left for our “get me outta here” cruise. But, here I am writing this on a cruise ship and my desk at home is still pretty much in shambles. (Something to look forward to when I get home—–NOT!). #2) My goodness, you’ve been a busy Maggibee. I really like all your production and I’m not just saying this to be nice—because I’m not THAT nice. #3) I’ve done a bit of lurking about your blog. I enjoyed your writing and especially your father’s essay about your arrival on this planet. Cheers.

  2. Really wonderful work all these tiles and cards 🙂 I love the one on the grey card with the little flowers on it and the little one with the little “fairies”.
    Nice heart tile for the diva-challenge too.

  3. all of these are so nice. My favorite is the one on the green/gray card with the white and pink rays out from the curly lines. The little flowers and such. Very cool. Well is a pattern I have played with one time, I like what all you’ve done with it. I may have to get it out and play some with it. Good work, all of it.

  4. All of your Tiles are beautiful and so creative. I love how you tangleated Well in your Faries Tile. Your Diva Challenge Heart is so dimensional. Terrific Post, Maggiebee. Congrats on your Sons employment…

  5. As usual you have outdone yourself! So many lovely things to look at. Thinking of you this week as I head for a trade show at the NEC in your country and then off to Skipton in No. Yorkshire to teach, brrrr, I’m trading my flip flops for my boots. So happy your son found a job…he’s been thinking positive I’m sure and has succeeded…happy dance for all of you!

      1. Would love to ….are you close to skipton or birmingham. If you are close to Skipton I have more free time and it could probably happen! At the moment I am at the NEC about ready to go to work, but on Tuesday night I will arrive at a hotel in Skipton and will have a bit of time to make a meeting happen. WEd. and THursday I have a more flexible schedule. Let me know if it works for you!

  6. Your work is gorgeous. I like all three Well tiles, and your Diva challenge tile would fit right in for Joey’s challenge this week. Good luck with the destashing and your project for your friend.

  7. Wow you have been busy! I love your compilation, though I have to say the children’s windmills and Valentangle are my favourites of the lot ❤

    Have a great weekend!

    P.S. Great news that your son has found work 🙂

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