Come Fly With Me

20150112_185337I may have mentioned once or twice that I don’t like flying.  Well I still  don’t like flying.  Last Sunday I positively hated flying.

  It’s not just take off and landing that unnerve me, although they do. It’s not the height.  It’s the very fact of being on a plane. Immobile.  Strapped down. Can’t get off at the next stop. And people farting. Sorry to be indelicate but it’s a gruesome fact of life at 39000 feet. Forget the mile high club. It’s the reeks high club. I swear some people save it up ready for a long flight. Anyway, over four hours of all that and you add in a bit of turbulence and you will see Sunday was not a perfect day.

So you would think that I had learned my lesson last time and stuck to reading and mindless computer games to occupy myself on the journey, wouldn’t you.? But not, I had my sketchbook and pens and spent half the journey immersed in that. And this time there was no dozy neighbour telling me I’m brilliant. I had put some colour down on a couple of pages before we set off and I spent a fair amount of time inking one of them.  The other, circular one was inspired by something I’d seen on David Hunter’s sketchbook on his blog. So thank you, David, for the idea. Here’s my take on it.2015-01-13 08.44.07

And this is the coloured one. It isn’t finished yet, needs colour on the plants but it’s a start.  20150112_162739

I’ve also

done a couple more for my friend to choose from for her birthday. I quite like the khaki coloured one but her room is lilac and cream so she might go for the other one. She can have them both if she wants- my fun is in the doing rather than looking at them afterwards.

20150109_224812    20150109_224825

So,  wh

ile we are here in sunny Cyprus, we are going to have a look at all sorts of cultural artifacts. The hire car has been delivered so it’s time to go.

What about the Diva Challenge, I hear you cry.  Here it is, Betweed, inside Betweed, inside Betweed. Its at the top of the page because i cant operate my blog very well on my tablet and if i try to do it one more time there will be rude words, stamping of feet and a tablet at the bottom of the swimming pool.


4 thoughts on “Come Fly With Me

  1. Wonderful Post, MaggieBee. Wonderful use of Betweed in the Diva Challenge. Great job on the circular tile, and your three colored tiles are so creative and delightful. Great Job.

  2. Whoa! your pieces are stunning! Your trip was very successful in spite of the flight. I am flying to Birmingham UK mid Feb. and not looking forward to it 15 hours getting there… LAX to Amsterdam (four hours layover in AMS) then to BHX. sigh…I know what you mean about being strapped down and it looks like the plane to AMS is really full. But what can you do but try to distract yourself with projects….I LOVE your color work and your friend is very lucky to get to choose one. I do enjoy your blog and get plenty of giggles from your travel descriptions. Hope things are going well for your son BTW…he sounds resourceful so I am sure he will be working soon.

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