Up, up and away.

Off on our travels again in the morning. Tenerife this time and I’m looking forward to it- I always do- but especially this time because we are going with my cousin and his wife and they are fun. They are slightly older than us and a little staid, so we are the entertainment for them because of our slightly off the wall behaviour  and teasing them is the entertainment for us. We are looking forward to long walks by the sea as, at this time of year it should be warm rather than hot so we’ll be walking miles along the seafront promenade with frequent pit stops for refreshment.

I’m hoping it will be warm enough to swim, in the pool if not in the sea – the Atlantic can be a bit unwelcoming, even as far south as that- and there will be markets, a pleasure for me, mildly interesting for the loved one, an unbearable temptation for my cousin’s wife and torment for my cousin, as he tries to discourage her extravagance and I do my best to foil him! I will buy at least one handbag: I believe it’s compulsory and they won’t let you on the plane home without one. Some scarves, as Christmas presents for anyone I’ve forgotten, stocking fillers for friends and maybe, just maybe, one or two for me because there must surely be one colour I haven’t already got.

The flight is four and a half hours and, as I’ve mentioned before, I don’t like flying, so I’ll be taking all sorts to entertain me on the plane. My Kindle, where I will re-read Harry Potter or a favourite Terry Pratchett – love that man’s writing. My tablet, with mindless, habit forming games to play. My sketch book and pens, even though the confined space will limit what I can do, it will be a help, I’m sure. The in flight entertainment will consist of listening to either a wailing child two seats behind us or a self avowed expert on the row in front. So I’ll have ear plugs too. Wish I could teleport.




Well the flight was interesting. I found myself seated next to a chap who wanted to talk and now I know his life story. And when I got out my drawing things, he, having by this point consumed copious quantities of booze, decided they were, and I quote; “Briliant.” And this he repeated, with increasing volume, until I was sitting there shushing him. Eventually the school ma’am voice and a sharp “Enough!” Did the trick. He then asked to take a photo so he could have it as his phone wallpaper. Then he wanted to pay me for it. It seemed a very long flight.  I mean, don’t get me wrong,  it was deeply flattering at first but it’s not brilliant.  It never was brilliant and it’s going to be a long time before it approaches brilliant. I was dreading people turning to look.


I will do some more drawing while we are away because I am now addicted. Thinking of setting up a local branch of ZA – Zentanglers Anonymous. “Hi, I’m Margaret and I’m a Tangler…” Speaking of which, I’ve finished the snowman picture for my grandson Ben.

Their bodies are painted with mica powder so they have a sheen which doesn't show too well on the photo.
Their bodies are painted with mica powder so they have a sheen which doesn’t show too well on the photo.



We’ve been here a couple of days and we’re having a great time.  Went to the market; bought the bag, the hat, the sandals, the scarves and some fruit. And  I’ve done some drawings too. As always  some are better than others. At my most rrecent Zentangle class we experimented with white on black. At first, I have to admit, I didn’t find it easy but I’m liking it more as I do more.  Here are the ones I’ve done whilst away.

20141216_160823  20141216_16083420141216_160845 And then

it was Diva Day. This week’s Challenge was to Keep it simple and spread the love.  Keeping it

 simple was just what I needed but spreading the love is trickier than it at first appears.  I know this is the time of year when we hope/pray for Peace to all mankind and I’

m 100% behind that. But I do find it hard to love my fellow man, disregarding his/her imperfections. I know this is a fault in me and I will try to be a better person. In the meantime, therefore, I am starting small, by by wishing you joy, you and all Tanglekind. Here, from me to you I send my heart, in a box, tied with a ribbon, with love at this special time of year.





All my goodwill has dissipated. I’m in a fully fledged sulk. Just had a look at everyone else’s entries for the Challenge and they are amazing and, what really gets me, three of my Challenge friends are going for CZT training next year. I am GREEN.

P.P.S. But Merry Christmas anyway, I suppose. (Exits stage left, grumbling and muttering Bah Humbug…)


14 thoughts on “Up, up and away.

  1. Oh, Maggie…your blog was so funny, I laughed and laughed about your plane trip and other adventures. Hope you are still shopping and enjoying your trip into the warmth. Truly enjoy your writing! When are you going to take a trip to become a CZT with your friends? I am thinking about doing it too!

  2. Am still giggling and forgot to say I love your tanglework…the snowpeople are wonderful…love how the snow looks like it is cracking ice on the ground. I know what you mean about the black and white…tis a bit of a challenge. Wishing you a merry season of joy!

  3. I know what you mean…it is expensive even without the airfare…maybe we could beg and they would do one in the UK! I go over once a year for business. ; )

  4. I do love these snowmen!!! The white on black are great and always so different to tangle. Maybe I’m more a coward then you, because I would love to become a CZT, but I don’t’ want to be on a plane. hanks for your post and I hope you will have GREAT Holidays.

  5. Your tiles are lovely. Your sentiments are greatly accepted. I guess I’ll join you in the green boat. Have a great holiday anyway.

  6. I’ve really enjoyed reading your blog and looking at your tiles. Not sure where you are in the UK (we are in East Dorset) and just to let you know I am going to do CZT training in June. Not sure if your other three friends that are going are from the UK, but I would be interested to know. 😀 Have a super holiday.

    1. Hi Chrissie. I’m in South Yorkshire but if we are ever in your area I’ll give you a heads up. (And the same the other way round, if you like.) Two of the others are in the States – Suzanne Fluhr and David Hunter – you will have seen their names on the Diva Challenge blog. The other is in the UK – you can see her comments on this post or the previous one.

  7. Hi, MaggieBee. Love you delightful Post. Your writing style is outstanding. Your encounter with Mr. Brilliant on the plane and you account of the event had me laughing, though at the time, laughs were non-existent. Wonderful drawings and your Diva Challenge is beautiful. Well done. Happy Holidays to you and your loved ones.

  8. I almost choked on my breakfast toast because your post had me giggling so much! I follow your blog for the tangling (to which pastime I’m a recent convert) but your writing makes each post a double pleasure. Enjoy the rest of your holiday with fingers crossed that Mr Brilliant won’t also be on your return flight!

  9. Great post and tiles. You could have used the opportunity to enlighten the gentleman about Zentangle® but his condition might have kept him from remembering it anyway. Or if he did get others intrigued could have done a brief airfomercial about it. If what you posted are examples of your work, you have nothing to shun away from, Love the snowmen the tangles you used around them. I bet he loved it. The black tiles can be tricky but it looked like you did well. I especially like the one on the upper right. Nice use of negative space.

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