On the various FB groups I belong to I see posts from people who have a creativity block and I know what they mean. Sometimes I look at unfinished pieces and just don’t want to do them. I have a shelf full to busting with WIP’s. Some of them look a bit Halloween, they have cobwebs because they’ve been there so long. What I’ve found is, if you don’t have any idea what to do, steal someone else’s! So I want to share with you a couple of things I’ve found on Youtube because they keep me entertained and get me back on track. (Not with finishing those WIP’s, of course, but starting even more.)

The first one is called Shoobeedoodling and is a guy call Shoo Raynor doing art classes, sometimes for kids, sometimes for adults. He has a pleasant way with him and comes up with some amazingly easy to follow ways of drawing. Those poinsettias that I did for cards were from his tutorials and so was the mistletoe. Poinsettia I don’t always like what he produces but applying the discipline of trying his drawings and succeeding can set me off again. In teaching, we always say – give the learner a small success and he/she will be encouraged to do more and stretch – and it’s true.

This was a YouTube video tutorial either from Shoo Rayner or Miraculous Mosquito - both worth a look.

this is from a YouTube tutorial by a chap called Shoo Rayner, look up Shoobeedoodling, he's great.


The other one is called Miraculous Mosquito and again, I just love trying the things on there. Some are to my taste, some aren’t but they are all quick, easy fixes and suddenly I’m off on the road again. Mirac Mos 2 Mirac Mos 1Go on, have a look, it’s fun. Both of these are unfinished, of course, definitely need shading. So, world, if you know any sites worth a visit for inspiration and entertainment, let me know. Always up for something new.

I’m sneaking this post in at work, between appointments. There’s only so much dyslexia analysis a girl can manage in one morning and I’m currently overfull of support strategies and advice, so I thought I deserved a break and, as long as I’m typing, no-one looks to see what I’m doing. But back to work now, break over.



Today was my last day at work until February or March. Hibernation has begun. In fact, I may not be asked back there at all, as the lady who felt I was such a godsend has moved on and whoever replaces her may see through my bluff and see the real, no doubt less educationally desirable me. Well, the world won’t end if that’s the case but let’s wait and see.

And tomorrow we leave for Spain, sunshine (I hope) and milder temperatures, as here there is rain, more rain, followed by rain and so it goes on.

So tonight I must quickly post my attempt at this week’s Diva Challenge. Again I have struggled. I like all three patterns offered by Hollie Attwater – Trio, Xyp and Huggins – but don’t find them comfortable bedfellows, so to speak. I’ve tried allsorts and this week I most certainly am not going to share the rejects as I did last week. Just too awful to contemplate. It got to the stage where I thought I was going to miss out this week, horror of horrors! As if…

Here, then, is my final version. I’m trying to perfect my “shine” but I’m a long way off. After I had done this, I had a look at some of the others. No-one else seems to be struggling and I do rather wish I had the imagination that one or two people have shown. Go on the I am the Diva blog and have a look. They are stunning.

Don’t get me wrong, I know it’s not a competition, but it’s hard not to compare and mine, weighed in the balance, are definitely wanting. the learning curve gets steeper! Onward and upward, I cry, well, onward, anyway.




6 thoughts on “Blocked

  1. Love your Post, MaggieBee. You are so fun to read. Have a great trip to Spain. I find your TriTangle to be wonderful and so fun. Love the way you combined the patterns. Keep up the good work, you are a delight.

  2. I can tell you are someone I want to read weekly…your self deprecating sense of humor reminds me of my hubbie, Wayne, and you write well! You truly make me laugh! Love your work too…enjoy your trip.

  3. Your response to the Diva’s challenge is very creative. I have struggled with the challenge and sometimes find myself comparing my results to others and feeling I fall short of the mark. I have learned to like my work and aspire to “be like Mike” when looking at the work of others.

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