Frustration, thy name is Margaret…

You know how it is when something should be simple but isn’t? Well that’s me for the last two days. I blame the Diva. Worse, I blame the Diva’s locum. This week, Chris LeTourneau, whose book “Made in the Shade”  is one of my Bibles, has offered us the pattern Seton to use for this week’s Challenge. It’s rather a nice grid pattern with circles behind squares and my only problem, I thought, was how to present it. Ha! In fact, Ha Ha! It’s taken five attempts before I got anything like a reasonable result and even then, when I went on the various blogs and saw what other people had done, I still wanted to throw them all away. (Mine, not theirs.)

1st attempt
Just couldn’t get the circles circular.
2nd attempt
Not good.


4th attempt
Shouldn’t have tried to combine Hollibaugh and N’Zeppel. And don’t even think about the Seton.
3rd attempt
Trying to trail off into Quib filled Betweed didn’t work either. (And I still couldn’t do circular circles!)


And finally –


At last
And this will have to do. Note to self, “Don’t try Seton without a safety net!”


Prior to this, it hadn’t been such a bad week . I did a couple more card toppers for Christmas, sort of Zendala meets Santa:-

Christmas Flower Mandala Christmas Mandala

And I did a Christmas card for my grandson, Ben which I was fairly happy with:-

Ben Christmas 2014


And we’re having a Zentangle afternoon at our house tomorrow, so I’ve been making soups and cakes for lunch. (Scotch Broth or Leek and Potato, with bread rolls made fresh tomorrow morning, followed by fresh fruit and/or Apricot Cake, Date and Pine Nut Slices or Lemon Drizzle Cake. )  Ask me to bake, fine; ask me to sew, OK; ask me to write, smashing fun; ask me to teach, you got it.


But don’t, I mean DON’T, ask me to do Seton again!


13 thoughts on “Frustration, thy name is Margaret…

  1. I will not ask you to do Seton again, but that’s a shame because you did well. You are really too hard on yourself!!!! So, why not ……….

  2. Yep. There is something about those Seton circles. I settled for Seton almost circles. My excuse is that I attempted it after a 30 hour trip home to Philly from Johannesburg, South Africa. Worse still, there was so much turbulence, I couldn’t tangle on the plane which was part of my plan for dealing with being on one plane for 19 hours. So, jet lag—that’s my story, and I’m sticking to it 😉 Annemarie is right. You are, of course, being too hard on yourself. (I have trouble with that “there are no mistakes” thing too. I hope your lovely Christmas related tangling unfrustrated you.

  3. The last two attempts for the challenge are fantastic. I especially like the Seton/Hollibaugh/Enzeppell. It has a real flow going to it. Very dynamic. And in the others, they’re not circles, they’re doing their own thing. In grammar a verb that follows its own form (like sit, sat, or run, ran) is considered a strong verb (the dull ones, like walk, walked are weak). You’ve drawn strong arcs. They want to follow their own forms. And you are braver than me, sharing the ones you aren’t happy with.

  4. Let the circles go… I liked that second woven one that had the kinda rounded rectangles… when that happens, I just look at it with my head tilted and say, “Yeah, THAT’S what I was going for…” There’s no crying in baseball, and no stress in zentangle.

  5. I hear your angst, and agree. I really think that grid based tangles are simply really difficult to draw well. I struggle too!
    That said, I really think you did a great job even though you might not think so. I must say that I especially enjoyed your Hollibaugh, N’Zeppel tile .. and BTW, your ZT afternoon certainly sounds very yummy!!

  6. Frustration really triggered your creativity and humor buttons, MaggieBee. I love your entire Post. Your creative progression through this challenge, and challenge it was, was both entertaining and educational. There were elements of brilliance in every step of your journey, Love the final Tile. Beautiful design and wonderful organic elements. Your, “Zentangle meets Santa” cards are wonderful as well, and the card for Ben is so precious. Thanks for the entertainment, sharing your art, and being so cool.

  7. ah, frustration. Such a mysterious companion when walking the creative path…
    When viewing your post I first looked at the drawings, and I said to myself “very nicely done. I love how you left white spaces near the pattern, and the creative ideas. Very nice”.
    Then I read your words, and I thought to myself “aren’t we all the same?” 🙂
    Excellent that you didn’t give up, and I’m not sure we need a safety net.
    Thank you for sharing this journey

  8. Well, you certainly made my week, if that’s any consolation! ha! My point of course is… that it’s nice to know I am in good company. We all have those days, weeks, months, and if the deadline to post is looming it is very frustrating. I tell my students that no one else knows what you are expecting out of yourself, so it is true that perhaps we are hardest on ourselves. I try NOT to tell my students that there are no mistakes when it is obvious they are not happy with their results. That seems to discount the fact that they are not happy with some aspect of the process. But sometimes when we are teachers we don’t have a teacher to guide US. Thank you for sharing, you did a great job of expressing your feelings and that is a talent. BTW…I LOVE your card for your grandson…the person in the window is soooo fun!

  9. Mama! Ben will adore his card! He will think that’s awesome! Your tangles get better every time I see them too. Just comparing the ones in this to your ollld ones and they’ve got such style! 🙂

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