Back to work.

Having been away in the wild blue yonder, even though England was a bit grey when we got home, there are some upsides. Our grandchildren, for example. Not going to bore you with cute things grandchildren say – they tend only to seem cute to the doting grandparents.  But the pleasure you get from grandchildren is different to what you experienced with your own children.

When my children were little, I was responsible for them, afraid for them, tired because of them, constantly watching over them  and so son and so on. There were times when looking after them was much more important than enjoying them. I haven’t forgotten all the fun and the loving and that overwhelming joy of just holding them in your arms for no other reason than that you could hold them in your arms. I was aware of how lucky we were and what pleasure they brought even back then, but I didn’t always have time to appreciate it, or them.

Grandchildren, on the other hand, are definitely different. I suppose because I’m not the primary carer I can do the doting grandma thing if I want. (I try not to push that one but it’s not easy.) We don’t see them every day, or even every week, so the time is precious when we do and we try to squeeze as much attention in as we can. And the rewards are enormous. A child’s smile is unfeigned, so if the first thing they do when they see you is smile, they mean it. Oh how that lifts the heart.  Apart from the loved one and myself, I don’t put pictures of people on here – I feel they are entitled to their privacy- but wouldn’t you smile if you saw these faces?

Less than a week old and just perfect.
Less than a week old and just perfect.


And her cousin:

And when he's asleep, he's angelic - it doesn't always show the rest of the time, but he is.
And when he’s asleep, he’s angelic – it doesn’t always show the rest of the time, but he is.
Ben is sometimes a Dalek.
Ben is sometimes a Dalek.


And just once he was a daffodil but I blame his mother for that!
And just once he was a daffodil but I blame his mother for that!
Sometimes he's a superhero too.
Sometimes he’s a superhero too.


I have two more grandchildren but they live over 300 miles away and we rarely see them, I’m afraid. Maybe one day I’ll put photos of them on here too.

However, what I was really intending to write about was the pleasure in being home again, but I’ve wandered, as people my age tend to, so I’m told. Oh dearie me.

I’m going to a Zentangle class tomorrow, with a REAL CZT. So excited, like a big kid. And then it’s Diva Day again, although I’m working Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, so it may be a day or two before I get round to it. In fact, although I don’t   enjoy the early mornings and driving to work in the dark, I’m looking forward to the work itself. It’s staff training, looking at interviewing prospective students who may have learning difficulties and I know it will be a pleasure working with these staff.


48 Hours later.

Did the class. The hours just disappeared and there we were, getting ready to go home.  This is the tile we did first – the one with Chainlea in the middle. It was the first time I’d used stippling to shade and I was surprised by how successful it was. The second one was for the Square One focus on Beelight. It’s a bit neat and tidy for me but I rather like it. I started by looking at an old ladderback chair and that formed my string.  Class 26.10.14

And then we used Brusho to make a background to work on, drew a leaf and started to fill it in. And we have homework – you heard me, homework. Finish filling it in with my own choice of patterns and bring it back next time for some “surprise” finishing off.   I’m going to have to do something a bit drastic with the Mooka but I’ll think of something – sulphuric acid, perhaps. But I’ll make it right somehow. I’ll let you see the results…

Autumn leaf


So today I wen to work, which I had been half looking forward to. So, been there, done it, thoroughly enjoyed it, drove home in the dark without sulking, ate sole and new potatoes and now I’m allowed to see what the Challenge is this week. And it’s Betweed, one of my absolute favourites. But what to do that’s not same old, same old? Hmmmm.. Thinking cap on.

DC 191 Betweed

It’s a flourish of Betweed, a Betweed bouquet. Yup, that’ll do for now. See you soon, world, have a good week.


8 thoughts on “Back to work.

  1. What a lovely post, Margaret – your grandchildren are gorgeous and many congratulations on the latest addition! I have a little envy about your CZT session – would love to attend one but there’s no one near me here in Andalucia…it’s OK though, you don’t have to feel sorry for me!
    Love the tiles you did and I am sure the coloured one is going to be stunning when you finish – do let us see, won’t you?
    Great Betweed – nice and different. Have a good week yourself. Axxx

  2. I loved all your tiles and tangles!! So pretty! Seeing your work makes me think that I need to come out of my own safety zone and play with background colours too ^^ I am glad you had fun at ZT class! I want to go to one, but have not found any that are local. This reminds me to keep trying 🙂

    P.S. Your grand-daffodil was too cute 😛

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