The first time I got onto the Internet today was when I got home from work and I rushed upstairs and had a quick look before being called down by the loved one for my dinner. (Chicken casserole, jacket potato and roast peppers, yummmmeee.)  Saw the Challenge, which was all I was interested in, and thought,”Oh yes, this is going to be fun.”

Ate, watched the news on t.v., my that was riveting, had a bath to get rid of aches and pains and then allowed myself to have a go at the Challenge. Can’t do it. Followed the step out to get started . Had another go. Nope, screwed it up and threw it away. And it’s a lovely pattern, Yuma, by Tina.  Pretty, delicate, swirly. I can’t get past step three. The little branch thingy works and all the leafy bits and then the fronds, yup, fine. But then taking it that step further and I can’t seem to get the lines at the right angles or something.

So here is my best shot and there’s no need to be nice, I KNOW I can do better. But tell me, is it me? Or are there others of you out there who are finding this more of a Challenge than expected?


A Fengle to get it started with the stalks coming off the ends of the "petals. filled it with Barberpole and my most successful attempt at getting "light" on it so far. But...
A Fengle to get it started with the stalks coming off the ends of the “petals”. Filled it with Barberpole and my most successful attempt at getting “light” on it so far. But…



18 thoughts on “Hmmm…

  1. wouldn’t know you were having problems from your results, but I agree – I’m finding it difficult to get my fingers around, Your choice of tangles to accompany Yuma is really great.

  2. I know exactly what you mean!!! I had trouble too to make the lines in step three in the right direction. But, I think your tile ended up quite beautiful.

  3. Like the others, if you hadn’t said, I wouldn’t have known you had problems with this. I found this one very Zen because it really was a one line at a time tangle. I went the other way and couldn’t stop drawing lines in my first attempt…and as yet haven’t managed to put it together with another tangle. But it is lovely! Ax

  4. you have done very well.there is some secret in this pattern. everybody i know, latest when they come to step four, they say that they don’t understand it and it doesn’t look right.but when they continue and finish the pattern, latest when they shade it, they can see the beauty in it.

    1. You’re right, Tina. Did you know there was magic in it when you first drew it? For me, now, I feel I have to keep going until I’ve found the secret. Thank you for sharing it.

  5. i’m glad I am not the only person who found it somehow difficult to get the angles “right”…It helped me to finally just do auras all over the place, regardless of where they “landed”. It is very relaxing to draw all those auras. The pieces I entered in the challenge were my third and fourth tries. Playing with it helped me a lot.

    Yours looks pretty good, though. I like the swirl of it all, and the way the striped fengle in the middle sort of anchors it all into the center. Well done!

  6. I think it looks fine. I had similar struggles to those described, so when I did my tile I decided to consciously “let it go.” I figured I’d be happy with the results even if the end product didn’t look exactly like the step-out – and I was right!

  7. Your Challenge Tile looks great to me. Sorry the challenge made you work so hard. Great idea to put a Fengle in the middle and work outward from the tips of the arms. You made a beautiful Tile.

  8. Great minds…….. a fengle crept into mine this week also. I think Yuma is a pretty forgiving tangle—at least I hope so.

  9. Well, challenge is the right word here, for me as well 🙂
    Your tile is beautiful, and the center is most creative.
    Yes, I too would have never guessed that you had any issues 🙂

  10. I had a few rough starts with this one, too. Looks simple, but then things go terribly wrong :S. After looking at the other entries, it seems like everyone has their own take on it though. Loads of variation, so give yourself a break and just let it flow. I like your end result.

  11. I like your tile. I think you did a much better job than I did. I just went with my first attempt and advised myself this is to go on the list of ones to practice(practice, practice…) No you are not the only one finding this very challenging. I think part of the challenge is that it looks deceptively easy to capture until you actually start drawing it.

  12. I hear you. I had some issues too.

    I think that as a tangle, Yuma looks a bit deceiving in that visually, it looks like would be quick to flow from the pen, but it actually needs a bit more time, in order to look good? I realised that I do better with the ‘non-stemmed’ Yuma than the ‘stemmed’ one, but maybe its different for different people. Your idea to lay out Yuma in a circle in the middle was fantastic.. I should try that sometime. It probably will resolve the issues I had with my Yumas!

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