Motorway Blues

To be sung to the tune “On the Road Again” by Canned Heat.


Well I’m so tired of driving but I’m on the M1 again (On the M1 again)

It’s just stuffed full of roadworks but I’m on the M1 again. (On the M1 again)

I ain’t got no choice ‘cos I’ve got to get home again.


I started this journey when I was quite young (When I was quite young)

But I’m ageing by the mile and the driving is no fun (An’ it’s just no fun)

Bored and restless, wish I’d not begun.


There’s a guy in a Mercedes, I had to toot my horn (Had to toot the horn)

Guys like him they never should’ve been born. (I might’ve sworn)

Nearly ran me off the road and now I’m glad he’s gone.


I can see my turn now, Thank the lord for that (Thank the Lord for that)

Put the pedal to the metal, got my foot down flat. (My foot down flat.)

Scared some other drivers but I don’t care ’bout that.


But I aint going down that long old lonesome road (All by myself).
Not working until Tuesday when I’m back on the M1 road (All by myself.)

Watch out, you old Mercedes or I’ll have you towed…


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