A sign of someone with time on her hands?

I seem to be posting a lot at the moment,hence the heading above. I’d like to think it was my creative side seeking an outlet but I suspect it’s my lazy side avoiding doing things around the house. Ah well, we are what we are.  So today I’ve made a birthday card for my youngest daughter, who is approaching her thirtieth birthday. The youngest is nearly thirty.  That means I have to own up to being old enough to have three children OVER thirty! Noooooooooo!!

I had to go and have a lie down but I’m OK now.

So, made a birthday card, which, of course, I can’t show you, world, because she’ll see it before she gets it and I don’t want to spoil the surprise. It’s about one of her favourite subjects, so I think she’ll like it but we’ll know when she calls us on Sunday. I also made some Christmas cards, well, it’s September and I’m not quick.

Three Christmas cards waiting for the glitter to dry.
Three Christmas cards waiting for the glitter to dry.

I used a stamp to get the tree shapes and then filled them with Tangles, sponged the edges in sepia to match the pen and mounted them on oddments of paper I had in a drawer waiting for just this moment. They are on craft card bases and I quite like them.  So it was late in the afternoon when I surfaced and realised it was Monday, soon to be renamed Divaday in my house. And the Challeneg this week is a duotangle of two of my favourite patterns – Diva Dance and Phicops.

But just the two – not a match made in Heaven in my opinion. I was going to draw several little Phicopses and fill in between them with Diva Dance and then I thought of something else. I haven’t looked on the Diva’s blog yet but I’m betting loads of people have done the same. Well, in for a penny…

DC 185 Phicops Diva Dance


Later, much later, I suddenly saw how I should have done it so this is what I did and I like it sooooo much better.

This works so much better for me than the first one but I couldn't tell you why.
This works so much better for me than the first one but I couldn’t tell you why.

24 thoughts on “A sign of someone with time on her hands?

  1. I think your duotangle is wonderfully composed. Who cares if others thought the same way. It’s beautiful. You’re smart to avoid housework and get those cards done. So much more important 🙂

  2. Maybe I’m missing something, but I’m looking at everyone’s work in order and I haven’t yet seen someone interpret the challenge the same way you did. I completely understand how you feel about having a “child” who is turning 30. I had that experience earlier this year–quickly followed by a milestone birthday of my own. It also ends in a zero and I didn’t have a baby at age 20, so you do the math. 😉

  3. Wow Christmas cards already 😛 You are really efficient! I am still wondering where all the time has gone and how it can be September etc etc…. They *are* cute cards by the way, I like the one with two trees best 😉

    Your tile is amazing 🙂 It is very simple yet intricate at the same time. I like it 🙂

  4. I like your phicops, at first I wanted to do the same and started with phicops, and diva dance in the little spaces. After that I drew maryhill in the larger spaces, and ohhhhh I should do duo tangle, so I started over with the one I posted. You didn’t made that mistake, so your tile is perfect. And wow already christmas cards, such a funny trees, I love them all!

  5. I love your Christmas cards, so well done and “happy”. Thank you so telling how you did them. Your tangle is great, I am surprised you don’t like the two together as yours is so well done.

  6. Love both of your Challenge Tiles. They both stand on their own as solid responses. I think that you like the second one a little more because it seems alive and about to do something unexpected. Great job and I love your Christmas Cards.

  7. Oh, I did try to make the diva dance come out of phicops, but it ended up looking… pukey. I like the organic look of yours! I think it helps to have it come out of all the pockets instead of just the one. Well done.

  8. I haven’t done the challenge yet, but couldn’t wait to read your post…you might have Divaday but I enjoy your blog so much, I read it as soon as I can. Absolutely super tiles and as usual, a great smile to my face. Axxx

  9. When I read the challenge the only thing that came to mind was how you did the first one but as I sat in church listening mine turned out quite different. Your second one definitely looks alive! It looks like it could sting. 😉 Great work!

    I also like the Christmas cards, really cute.

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