Back to normal.

You can tell when the holiday mood has worn off – I’m tidying the craft room again. I mean, AGAIN. It’s my default activity.  I’d like to say it’s useful but I can’t fool myself. I sporadically throw a few things away, keep a lot more that in fact I should throw away; I find homes for oddments that have been cluttering up the place then realise that I’ve already made space for them elsewhere, so get them from where I’ve just put them, if I can remember where that was, and put them with their peers, so that, twenty minutes after it began, I’m bored, tired, irritable and have achieved very little.  Maybe I was Sisyphus in another incarnation.

While we were away, I kept in touch with the tangling world via my tablet, on the odd occasions when I could get WiFi. (By that I mean FREE WiFi, I’m not prepared to pay. Durr.) One of the Facebook groups I have joined is called Creative Innovations and, although I feel much of it is devoted to selling and promoting specific products or events, there’s a lot of stuff from Joanne Fink on there and I happen to really like both her work and the way she comes across as such a lovely person on her videos.  (A sneaky voice inside me says she can’t really be that nice but…) Anyway, I shared pics of a work in progress I’m doing for my son and his family, showing it at two different stages –

Stage 1
Stage 1
All the names coloured now, ready for a background and border.
All the names coloured now, ready for a background and border.

And, wait for it, Joanne Fink  saw it and commented and was really encouraging and helpful and I now worship the woman. This is as good as it gets – Joanne Fink “spoke” to me! “Oh bliss, oh ecstasy, oh poop, poop, “, to quote Toad from Wind in the Willows.  So coming home involved coming down off the cloud, doing the washing and generally returning to “normal”.

Since we got back, I’ve had fun with drawing, though. The Square One focus tangle last week was Fescu, which I’ve never knowingly used, partly because I had a sneaking suspicion that it would be more complicated than it looks and there isn’t a step out, and partly because I never remember it at the right time.  Since it was the “focus” pattern, I really wanted it to be the main one but it’s an unassuming little thing and creeps into nooks and crannies, rather than taking centre stage.

The first attempt placed it on a curve in the very middle of the tile –

Fescu, Scrawlz, Queen's Crown, Mak Rah Mee, Alium and Wave.
Fescu, Scrawlz, Queen’s Crown, Mak Rah Mee, Alium and Wave.

But somehow the webbed feet thingies have taken over. Dammit, try again.

Fescu, Queen's Crown, Scrawlz, Pais and an aura or two.
Fescu, Queen’s Crown, Scrawlz, Pais and an aura or two.

Better, but I still felt that perhaps the Pais  crowds it out. (To be truthful, I did quite like this one but Fescu was still being shy, even though I poked odd bits of it in every little cranny I could. )  So I decided the best thing to do was severely limit the number of patterns used so that Fescu couldn’t hide behind them.  Just Zinger and Barberpole – two of my favourites because they are so adaptable.

A bouquet of Fescu with Zinger wrapped in Barberpole.
A bouquet of Fescu and Zinger wrapped in Barberpole.

Does it work? Well, it’s does focus on the one pattern mainly and it’s quite sweet but I think it’s a bit too greetings card for me. Hey Ho, be satisfied, Margaret and move on.

The Diva pattern last week was Ing – already posted elsewhere – and I  found it absolutely compelling. Generally, I would have said my favourites were freer flowing, rather than angular, but I just kept finding more anfdmore to do with it. And, after I’d looked at what other people did, I just wanted to play more. I think it’s going to play a big part in a ZIA  piece sometime soon. (Unless I see something sparkly and get distracted, of course.)

Well, this isn’t getting the craft room any tidier, by for now, world, duty calls.



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