Under Starter’s Orders…

Only twenty four hours before the next Diva Challenge. Got my pencil sharpened, my pens at the ready, lamp over the desk…  However, we’re going a away for a few days to Dawlish, in Devon so I am taking my trusty tablet and my drawing kit and, with any luck, I’ll be sitting in the sun by the sand dunes with a long drink and a lovely view, ready for the off. Oh Lumme, I hope they have WiFi.

In the meantime, I have been having a go at a Zendala. Actually, I cheated. Hard to believe, I know but I’m owning up. My cousin bought me a book from Poundland (quality stuff, huh?) and it’s full of circular patterns for children to colour in. Well, I have no shame, kid’s colouring book or not, so I used one of them and this is the result. The Auraknot in the middle got away from me a bit but my mum always said it’s the little mistakes that make it your own. This one’s certainly ALL mine now. Don’t think Poundland would want it back, anyway.

Poundland Special.
Poundland Special.

Going to try another one while I’m away.

I’ve also got a project under way for my son and his family. All I did was their names, Joanne Fink monogram style  and coloured them to suit the individuals and I’m going to Tangle and Dangle a decorative border. At the moment, I’m not unhappy with it but every addition increases the risk of an ineradicable mistake. I won’t take it away with me, therefore, but will leave it till I come back and can concentrate.


Stage 1
Stage 1

And today I have added to it –

All the names coloured now, ready for a background and border.
All the names coloured now, ready for a background and border.

I’m sort of regretting doing the names at a slight angle because it looks as if I couldn’t draw them straight.  They ought to slope more or not at all. However, I’m not starting again from scratch so I’m hoping It’ll look OK when it’s done.  The border is going to be a bit twee – tangled ribbons with Dangles and Tangles in the spaces and maybe some hearts. Yeah, well, it may be sloppy but it’s intended  as a Loving Family sort of symbol.

Being me, of course, I’ve got another project on the go at the same time. I treated myself to a new sketch book which has a canvas bound cover for you to paint/draw on to personalise it. Modestly, I decided to use my initials as the main logo and a range of favourite Tangles, no colour. The thing is, if I don’t like the finished product, this can be the back and I get to try something else on the other side for the front. I like to hedge my bets. I then need to find a fixative and protector to keep it clean and unsmudgeable. Scotchguard, do you think? I  would cover it with sticky back plastic but I don’t think it would stick to the canvas.

working on the cover of my new sketchbook.

Anyway, that’s it for now, off downstairs where I can spread all the stuff out on the dining table. Well, I’ve got so much stuff cluttering up my craft room, there’s no longer space to work. Ooops.

And finally, in the process of tidying up my blog, I found this post from June 2013 –

“A few days ago I saw a picture described in its heading as a Zentangle. It was quite dramatic, so I had a closer look and was enthralled. It was doodling with a purpose and I really liked the look of it, putting it in my list of “things I’ll get round to having a go at one of these days.” And there it would have stayed but for a chance visit to Create and Craft on t.v. where a presenter called Mel, a very good presenter, I feel, was doing some Zentangling. It was great, and I’m now sort of hooked. I went on a trawl through Google images and found a wealth of examples and ideas.

Since I’m not much of a draughtsman, I decided to use the patterns to fill in a stamped image. It was great fun and I quite like the finished product.”

So it’s just over a year since that accidental find on the internet and it has given me so much pleasure. Who’d have thought it?  I wish I’d kept a copy of the picture that attracted my attention. This is the very first one I did: Zentangle owl.  It’s on the wall in my craft room, I suppose to encourage me to do better but it makes me smile when I look at it. I wonder, little owl, did you know where you were leading me?

By the way, did you notice I changed my background and header? My battle with technology continues but I think maybe I won this one.



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