Second set of stripes

Wednesday lunchtime and all our guests have gone. The beds are changed. The washing machine is chugging away, disgruntled by yet another flurry of activity. We had leftover pizza for lunch, without catering for a house full of people. Quiet, innit?

I’ve started to tidy my sock drawer but the excitement has now got too much for me so I’m having a break to look at one or two favourite sites on the Net. I often go through the Diva Challenge to see what everyone else has done and I’m always finding ideas that make me want to start something new. Some very talented folk are startlingly modest about their ideas and abilities and I enjoy leaving encouraging comments where I can. Sometimes, when people use Flickr and the like, I can’t work out how to access them to leave a friendly word or two and then I feel slightly unkind because I’ve visited them without leaving the equivalent of a calling card.  I WILL work it out, I WILL…

One of the effects of this recent family visit is that it raised my awareness of the untidiness of my craft room and my haphazard way of storing my “work”. I have boxes and albums and folders and yet there are tiles and works in progress scattered everywhere. For example, I can’t just start and work through a piece, oh dearie me, no. I have at least two on the go at any one time and then leave them for weeks in order to rush through something else. I find something weeks later and wonder why I haven’t finished it.  (Or forget why I started it.)


For example, I started a sheet with my daughter in law to be’s name on it, just to practise the dangling a la Joanne Fink. (I put it on here a couple of weeks ago as work in progress, I believe.) After one or two false starts and a near disaster with the colouring, which I’m not prepared to discuss, having come close to throwing the whole damn thing away at quite a late state in the proceedings, I completed and framed it.  And here it is in its finished state, ready for her to collect tomorrow.

I really enjoyed doing this but was amazed at how long it took.
I really enjoyed doing this but was amazed at how long it took.


In an optimistic frame of mind – and remember, the alternative is the sock drawer, so this is definitely a priority – I’m making a little album just for tiles for the Diva Challenge. I’m going to number them on the back and, wait for it, I’m going to write on them what patterns I’ve used. Yup. How’s THAT for organised?  I’ve just finished the front cover tile and realised it’s stripes, so it’s going on the Diva site as my second tile for this challenge. Never submitted two before. (As if I’ve been doing the Challenge for ages – I only started in about April.)

So here’s the cover tile ready for use.Challenge 182 2



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