Missing a challenge- nearly

Hello world, hope your weather is cheerier than ours. Rain, clouds, winds, more rain. It’s August; doesn’t that mean it should still be Summer?

So we have family staying with us at present. My cousin, his wife, their grown up daughter and 3 year old granddaughter, to be exact. We always get on really well so it’s fun and we spend a lot of time laughing. However, we don’t live in a particularly touristy area so the list of fun places to go is limited.  And it’s raining, so we want inside places to go. In a brief afternoon of sunshine, we took the little one to play in the park and they all spent a day visiting other family on Saturday. On Sunday, another cousin and his wife came for Sunday dinner and the eight of us spent the time between family stories and scrambling in the play tent with the little one.  What my dad used to call “good, clean fun”. 

Yesterday, after dropping daughter and granddaughter at the station to start their journey home, the rest of us went to Elsecarr Heritage Centre, which is and old ironworks and coal mine, turned into a visitor centre and shops.  ( http://www.elsecar-heritage.com/history ) In one of the buildings is an antiques market, well bric a brac rather than real antiques but it’s fun and we went round looking at things our grandmas threw away, or souvenirs of our childhoods. While I bought nothing, my daughter bought  a souvenir ash tray and my cousin bought his wife an opal and ruby ring. Dammit, where did I go wrong?

Anyway, it meant I didn’t look at the Diva Challenge until the evening, which is unusual for me, I’m usually waiting  breathlessly for it to be posted. (Tells you what a sad sort of life I generally lead, doesn’t it? ) It’s stripes, an idea I immediately liked and i really enjoyed doing the tile. No traumas, no plans, just one stroke at a time, Bloody hell, it worked! I was relaxed yet purposeful.  I was not disappointed with the finished product. I am a happy bunny. Thanks, Laura, this was a good one.

A couple of old favourites and a couple of new ones. Patterns used? from left to right - Ambler, can't remember the next one, cadent, and Bilt going across.
A couple of old favourites and a couple of new ones. Patterns used? From left to right – Ambler, Nipa, Cadent, Onamato and Bilt going across.



5 thoughts on “Missing a challenge- nearly

  1. I like your tile; Cadent is great in it. Isn’t it fun to visit a shop (or flee market) to look around and sometimes find great stuff?

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