Huzzah! It’s Monday, that’s a new Diva Challenge.  Unfortunately, my morning starts several hours before it does in Saskathingy, which is where she lives, so I wait with bated breath for the sun to come up over the Rockies or whatever minor outcrops they have over there on the other side of the pond. I mean, why can’t they all be on Greenwich Meantime like we are in the civilised world?

Anyway, on it goes and I like it – water is the theme and I can think of all sorts of possibilities already. AND, no-one else has posted one yet so I could even be the first to post. Oh wow, does life get any better?  You can see me heading for a fall already, can’t you?

I’m thinking waterfalls, pastel blue and pale aqua, with graceful swirls and droplets. Out comes a tile, Promarkers at the ready and a background goes on all in a rush. Want to tangle, want to tangle, come on! Paper wet so to fill in the seconds before I can draw on it, I open Facebook. Now why did I do that?  An hour later I have played a game, looked at various people’s status, commented on mad people pouring buckets of ice water over themselves,(Ice water goes with dinner, not over the head. Note to self, “Don’t try this at home!”)  looked at some amazing posts on a couple of groups I’ve joined and… Need I go on?

Still, the paper is now dry enough to draw on and I’ve decided on my patterns – Frickle for watery wave shapes, Sooflower for the bubbles and a grid I’ve seen somewhere but can’t find a name for to sort of indicate fishing nets or something. And off we go. Works reasonably well – this is me we’re talking about so reasonably well is fine – and I sit back to have a look. OK, needs some defining colour and the net bit looks rather empty. I’ll draw a weed in the bottom corner.

Look again and, how did THAT happen? It’s all dark and a bit moody. Where’s the light  and airy waterfall? I’ve got a full on storm at sea. Dammit. And the weed looks more like a lurking lobster. And when I scan it I can see all the imperfections in the colouring.  And then, and then… Someone else has already posted so I’m not even first.

I hate Mondays.

Challenge 181


21 thoughts on “SMonday!

  1. Normally I wait until I’ve posted to look at everyone elses tiles, but today for some reason I had a sneeky look and thanks for making my day with your post 🙂

    Like you I can’t wait for the challenge to come out and then usually I’m involved in doing something else so the tangle has to wait. Your pastel blue waterfalls were a great idea but hey, the moody stormy sea works really well too. You chose well with your tangles and now I’ve got to get yours out of my head while I decide what to do. Maybe I’ll have to leave mine until Tuesday!! Linda x

  2. But is so pretty! Nothing to hate Mondays about here. I love the feeling of waves it gives me. And you’ve started me on my quest for appropriate tangles.

  3. I really enjoyed your “rant”. I’m sure most of us can relate to that. I think I had a similar morning since our dog, who is afraid of storms, go me up at 2 am. And, at 2 am, no Diva. What’s with that? HAHA. I think your tile turned out beautifully. Remember, with Zentangle it is the process, not the end result!

  4. Oh I was with you every soggy step of the way! And it was so lovely to get to your beautiful tile at the end of the stream of conscious. Playful waves and splashy lightness…and yes, maybe a lurking lobster, but it’s great! Axxx

  5. Very fun, I’m a little scared of the claws coming out the bottom. This is why I swim in a pool, I can see the monsters coming.

  6. Enjoyed your commentary on your tile. It did turn out well, even if it was not what you were thinking in the beginning. While it can be a little disconcerting, it is one of the things I like about Zentangle®. No preconceived ideas. I did not think of lobster claws so it was not scary. I think the net that you did is probably a variation of Florz.

    1. Thank you, Donald, both for the comment and for identifying the tangle. Yes, I think Florz is the origin of it. and you’re right about the difference between intent and finished product, they rarely match and I shouldn’t expect them to do so.How it turns out is how it was supposed to be.

  7. Monday or not Monday, I love your tile 🙂
    I love how the water go “diagonally”, completely opposite to all we are used to from water – which is either horizontally (sea, pond, etc) or vertically (waterfall, water from the tap). This create a most energetic motion and flow in the tile.

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