Macdee McDoodle

The day has started well. My daughter, son in law and grandson, who are staying with us at present, have gone out for the day to a friend’s wedding. I thought at first I’d gone deaf but no, it’s just the absence of small voice saying the immortal word:

“Grandma…” in  an interrogative tone, usually the precursor of a stream of consciousness monologue worthy of James Joyce.

Oh but how I will miss them when they go home. I’ll be praying for that little voice then. It’s like sensory deprivation. No toys to tread on; no wet wipes required; no nose prints on the windows; sounds of buzzing, zizzing, whooshing or flashing lights. Not sure whether it’ll be Heaven or Hell but it will certainly be different from the last couple of weeks.

By the way, I had made a card for the wedding and used inspiration from Joanne fink’s book. My daughter in law saw it and liked it so here it is. By the time it appears on here the happy couple will be too busy plighting their troth to see this and thus spoil the surprise.

For Tina and Sascha's wedding.
For Tina and Sascha’s wedding.

So today started quietly and I’ve had a look at the Diva Challenge. To do a tile using a pattern called MacDee by Anneke Van Dam. Looks like a Scottish tartan and not too difficult. Hmmm.

Well, you see, straight lines are a bit of a challenge for me and parallel straight lines even more so. I mean, I could have used a ruler but on Planet Zentangle that’s outlawed and I don’t want Tanglecop hunting me down and depriving me of tangles forever. But I decided I would put a curve in there just for the fun of it and the final version is actually much better than I expected  and certainly much more fun.

All one pattern but differing sizes.
All one pattern but differing sizes.

I’m working on another “flower” design at the moment. I’ve done the drawing outline and coloured it with Promarkers and now all it needs is some patterning. ALL! I’m thinking lacy and not all over. Having got this far, there’s the added fear of getting it wrong. Well, not wrong, I know but there are times when, even though you didn’t have a clear idea of how you wanted it to turn out, you know for sure when it isn’t getting there.

So here’s the work in progress and let’s hope next time it appears on here, it will be patterned to perfection. (Who’s kidding who? Sorry, whom?)

Time to tangle.
Time to tangle.

9 thoughts on “Macdee McDoodle

  1. Great job on the UMT, challenge. Love how you have wrapped MacDee around the spheres. Your wedding card is outstanding and your coloring is superb. It’s a lot of fun to hear about your grandson’s antics, and I’m keeping good thoughts for your survival.

  2. Love the spherical MacDee! You should have a go with a ruler one time – rules are made specifically to be broken (and rules are not the same as laws). Tanglecop hasn’t got a leg to stand on, as he/she will be laughed out of court. I like Joanne Fink’s work too; you did a great job on the card.

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