Getting worserer…

Well, as if being “helped” by my grandson isn’t enough, we get the new Diva Challenge and I don’t like it. We are asked to do tangles on tiles measuring 2″ by 2″ and it’s not big enough. I can’t do it. For one thing, you need to be precise and I’m not. You have to pick the right tangles and it seems I can’t.  And, worst of all, I’m finding it impossible to strike up a meaningful relationship with Bijou.

Bijou is a snail – look at either the Diva blog or the Zentangle site for more info, I haven’t the patience for it – and to me snails are slimy, creepy things that eat my plants. They are not cute little symbols of a joyful symbiosis between pen, paper and a reluctant creative muse. So I did it under protest and you can tell.

At first, I tried for a good humoured approach, so I did a Christmas Bijou on a card, using Half Moon to draw the card and the Tangles together. Hmmm.

Christmas card with mini tangled topper.
Christmas card with mini tangled topper.

Can’t say I’m impressed.

So I had a look at some of the stuff other people had been doing and some of it is great. And they are all fulsomely delighted with the fictionalised snail. For crying out loud, the Diva even “interviews” him on her blog. Yeuch. There’ll be a bloody Disney movie any time now.

So I had another go and copied what others had done by making a set of  four tiles, two with Bijou as the centre and two using some old favourite tangles. Nah, not keen.

Bijou 4

So, sorry, Bijou, but I think we will remain star crossed and should go our separate ways. It’s just not meant to be.  Next time we meet. I hope to find you sizzling in garlic butter with a nice chunk of French bread on the side.



5 thoughts on “Getting worserer…

  1. Love your Tiles. You did great at this smaller “Bijou” scale. I was very impressed with the Microscopic Mooka you have on the shell of the Christmas Bijou. Your Phi-Cops are great as are the other patterns you coaxed into their small spaces. I also enjoyed your post about your Grandson, Ben.

  2. You get 2 points in my book for being honest! I love snails, but I’m not fond of mascots. 🙂 I did like the little tiles, though, and I think it’s great that you pushed through. My “pushing through” consists of not ripping the yucky stuff to shreds.

  3. I had to chuckle when I read your comments. I am not as thrilled about them, but I have done a few things smaller , 1″ circles. I think there usefulness is great for monotangles. I did not go so far as to suggest cannibalism though. You did do a good job on them. I thought your Phicops was especially well done.

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