Things must be bad.

We don’t see our four year old grandson too often, so when he comes to stay with us, we are more than happy to see him.  We picked him and his mum up yesterday and I don’t think he’s stopped talking for more then seconds at a time. That’s good, isn’t it? I mean, he’s very fluent and imaginative – and loud. AND CONSTANT.

I retreated to my craft room, switched on the computer and visited a few of my favourite sites, saw something someone had drawn and it set me off on a creative moment. And a little voice said, “Grandma, can I come and draw too?”

Well, of course he can. So I find him some paper and a set of pencil crayons and some pens and a pencil sharpener and off he goes. Within minutes, the pencils are all a good inch shorter than they were and the bin is full of shavings but, hey, he hasn’t sharpened his fingers and there’s no blood as yet, so we’re on a winner, aren’t we?

Back to my drawing, with Ben’s voice burbling away in the background.


“Yes, Ben…”

“I think I’m going to do one like yours.”

Lengthy discussion followed by ten minutes fairly fevered drawing by Ben and, I have to say, a pretty good drawing of a rainbow with flowers.

Bens rainbow with flowers

“Why don’t you take it and show mummy?”

Off he goes. Peace reigns for seconds.


“Yes Ben”

“Mum says it’s beeeutiful and almost certainly better than yours.”


“She’s probably right, Ben,”

Nods, “Yes, she userally is. Can I draw something else?”

Further lengthy discussion and a couple of print offs of Curious George pictures to colour in.

“I’m going to do the banana one first.”

Brief period of quiet.


“Yes Ben”

“You see this banana? Well, it’s not as yellow as I wanted, it’s a bit green so it’ll be a bit slimy so he mustn’t eat it so I’ve done the skin red and put a cross on it and it says NO with a slamation mark. And he’s dropped skins on the floor and he might slip on them too so I’ve done them red if they’re slimy and then after it sucks the slime up into a vaporous sky and then it goes into a cloud where it descends to the slime centre and that’s it really.”

George and the banana

“Yes, right, very good, Ben”

“And, and and…Now these are blood cells and there are lots of blood cells and bones and and…”


“Please go and show mummy. And Ben, ask her when it’s bedtime won’t you?!

Don’t think I’ll bother with any more drawing tonight. I’ve sort of lost my mojo.”



2 thoughts on “Things must be bad.

  1. I would just like to say I didn’t say it was better than yours. I told him it was great and to go and do more colouring with you 😉

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