Decisions and the desire to rush

Well I do seem to have trouble with this Zentangle idea of taking your time, one stroke at a time, getting into the zone and so on.  Maybe I’m not a natural Tangler. Actually, there’s no maybe about it. Even as I start a piece, I want to see the finished product and, once I’ve got the idea fairly clear in my head, I need to wave the proverbial magic wand and Bibbety Bobbety Boo, there it is. Frankly, if it didn’t work all that well for Cinderella, it certainly ain’t gonna work for me.


We’ll start with this week’s Diva Challenge, which was a duotangle using your initials to decide the tangles to use. I deliberately went for patterns I haven’t used much and, in my head, it fell into place like magic –

M = Me Three. (I love the 3D ones.)

B = Blooming Butter (Not my style at all, so a proper challenge.)

Talk about out of my comfort zone, I expected to meet Captain Kirk any minute, I was so near my final frontier.

First, it all looked so simple. A circle of little tube-ey things round a sort of buttercup with strings. (A bit surreal, perhaps but bear with me.) And then I thought, ooo, join the strings to the tubes. And if the middle buttercup has five strings, we could join five more buttercups. but each buttercup has five strings so I need tubes to attach to ALL the strings – AND each other. This was getting into higher mathematics. Well, higher than I can manage, anyway.

I persevered, out of stubbornness, no doubt, but by now the “one stroke at a time” idea has gone right out of the window. Get it finished, see what it looks like. So I did. But neither of these tangles has much black in it, so I thought I’d colour them. In yellows, because buttercups are yellow.  But the watercolour pencils smudged what bits of shading I had done. Dammit!

Started again  from scratch. Perhaps by now I wasn’t in the right mental state to be drawing. In fact, I probably wasn’t in the right mental state for anything short of gun crime, but hey, did I stop? Nah! I was a bit better organised placing tubes and strings and the shading with coloured pencils looked quite pretty, if a bit pale. The thing is, having completed them both, I don’t like either. Start again, I hear a little voice say. Not likely. My grasp on sanity is tenuous enough already.

So here they are, imperfect to say the least but it’s as far as I’m prepared to go.

“Beam me up, Scotty!”

Second try - hardly any shading and not right.
Second try – hardly any shading and not right.
First attempt - and smudged. Grrrr!
First attempt – and smudged. Grrrr!

In between all this, I’ve been working on a ZIA that just appeared in my head one day. I drew the outline and it went so right first time that i left it for a few days, not daring to do more in case I ruined it. Eventually, I worked up the courage to continue and it just grew, like Topsy.  I actually LIKE it. Yup, you heard me, I am satisfied with a piece of my own work.  Well, almost. The thing is, does it need colour?

And, if so , where, how much and what shades? Decisions, decisions, decisions…

Is it big headed to like your own work?
Is it big headed to like your own work?

10 thoughts on “Decisions and the desire to rush

  1. wow! Blooming butter is a hard one to get looking right, and you nailed it! I love how peaceful and summery both of these tiles are. Just charming!

  2. I find both of your Challenge Tiles to be delightful. Blooming Butter is such a fun pattern and I really like the way you used it in your design. Your ZIA piece is terrific. Great as is. Look forward to enjoying any updates. Your post is so fun to read. You keep my laughing the whole time. Thanks.

  3. You have me laughing too! I’d just seen your ‘should I colour it’ post on Facebook and then read your lovely, considerate comment on my blog – and popped over to find out more about you here! I think your struggle with your tangles and the maths definitely paid off! They’re both really beautiful and I love how some of your ‘Me 3’s have morphed into ‘Me 4’s!
    Nice to have found you.

  4. You are a total hoot, my friend! I love reading your posts. I also agree that Blooming Butter is way out of my radar screen, so it was interesting to see how you used it. I think both attempts look really good. Fresh and cheerful!

  5. Nicely done. I like the feel and look of both tiles.
    I also liked very much your intro story, and your observation about the road vs. the destination.

  6. I have to agree with the consensus that both of your tiles look great. I think I have only tried Blooming Butter once and it did not turn out as well as yours. She has posted a new step out for this pattern and I think it is clearer than the original one that I had.

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