Stitchin n bitchin

I may have mentioned before a group of ex-colleagues and friends who meet about once a month to stitch and bitch. Most of us have been dressmankers and knitters, embroiderers and cross stitchers, crochet addicts  and lacemakers over the years. More recently, some of us have taken to cardmaking. One of our group creates fabulous botanical drawings, another spins wool and then knits it. Between us, we are about 500 years old and sometimes it feels that way too.

We meet about monthly at each others’ houses, taking it in turn to play host and supply buns, cakes and old fashioned nibbles, plus, of course, industrial size portions of tea and/or coffee. Last week we were at my house. I over catered, of course. We ate every morsel, of course. And we had a lovely time. Sometimes we bring projects we’re currently working on and sometimes the host prepares a project for us all to work on, sometimes learning a new skill.

This week, I suggested we did some good old fashioned colouring in, using whatever media we were comfortable with. I got out my full collection of pencils, water colour pencils and alcohol markers and then printed off some templates to work on.

Two of the group used this as their template: (I can’t credit it because I don’t remember where I got it from.)


(I’m going to have a go using this one myself for Zentangle but haven’t tried it yet. )

They won’t let me show you what they did but they were two very different finished products, one all primary colours, rich and striking, the other very delicately shaded in pencil.

I have a CD from and I printed off a couple of templates from that too. (They are really good, although fairly girlie, but hey, we’re girls – if you stretch a point.)

Digi Stamp set 9 bird_L                                               Digi Stamp set 10 bird_LS

And lots more to choose from.

This is my finished one from that set.

Pink bird No Tangles, just some practice for shading through from dark to light.

There are also shoes, handbags and dresses on another disc I bought (Same company) and so I did this one too.

Using an outline from a katysuedesigns,com CD
Using an outline from a katysuedesigns,com CD

The world is full of things I want to draw, tangle or colour and it’ll take me until I’m Methuselah to do it all. Well, I’m up for the challenge.

Speaking of which, this week’s Diva Challenge is to use a new tangle. Truffle, I think. I’ve enjoyed using it and I can see quite a few ways it could go. Today? Whimsy rather than drama and a touch of colour. Of course, something had to go slightly wrong and today it was careless use of marker pens so they bled outside the lines. Grrr!. Still, nobody to blame but me. But I might try this tangle again,  I think I like it.


Challenge 177


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