Holidays and challenges

We arrived back from Rhodes at 01.00 this morning, so today has been a little sluggish. However, two weeks in the sun, with temperatures in the low forties quite a lot of the time, has been both a pleasure and a challenge. We’re not used to heat here in the U.K. so in Greece, we spent a fair bit of time either in the sea, the shade or with the air-conditioning on full blast. Since the air con in question was not over enthusiastic, we found ourselves, at best, in an apartment that was piping tepid.  We did put a brave face on it and, as a result, have returned home bronzed and refreshed. (Well our daughter says we look rusty rather than bronzed but I know when I hear envy.)


So we stayed at Hotel Cosmos Maris, Lardos Beach, Rhodes and it was lovely.

As you can see.

Hotel Cosmos Maris, Lardos Beach, Rhodes. Lovely.
Hotel Cosmos Maris, Lardos Beach, Rhodes. Lovely.

It even had pomegranates growing at the roadside.  SAM_6854  But, sadly, not ripe enough yet, or we’d have probably been sorely tempted by these.

We went on a trip to Lindos, just up the coast, by boat, which, since there was no jetty or quayside, just beached itself on the sand each trip to pick people up.  The people you can see in the picture had to scatter pretty quickly to get out of the way.

The ferry to Lindos coming onto our beach to pick us up.
The ferry to Lindos coming onto our beach to pick us up.

And Lindos itself was lovely. We’d been some years ago and were not disappointed by our second visit. It’s lovely, even though it is a tourist trap.


Boats in Lindos Bay.
Boats in Lindos Bay.


One of our ways to keep cool was to spend as much time as possible in the sea and my husband took a sneak pic of me surfacing to tell him about what I’d just seen. I’ll forgive him one day but it may not be soon.

Not Hale Berry, perhaps but I did enjoy the snorkeling.
Not Hale Berry, perhaps but I did enjoy the snorkeling.

And, to while away the time between the sea and the taverna, I did some tangling. Now I have to say, I did try some of the Diva’s challenges but not with any great degree of success. I’m blaming it on the distractions and the fact that I was working on my knees rather than at a table. Challenge 174 was to superimpose two strings, so I went one better and used three – my husband’s initial (S), our daughters’ initials (A and R) and, since our son is an A too, his was in there as well. I forgot to take a pic of the strings before tangling them but this is the finished tile.

Tangle 47  Can’t say I’m particularly proud of the finished result but there you go. In the middle is a sort of tangle that I may have invented, except it’s probaly something I’ve seen and just don’t remember where. (Double circles, then auras, then more twinned circles – a bit like Diva Dance but not.) Anyway, I quite like it, even if the rest of the tile is a bit lacking in imagination.

Also downloaded a template from Ornation Creation of Facebook and had a go. The pic doesn’t do it justice, as it’s coloured with Gelly Roll pens that sparkle, which doesn’t show here. Again, I’n not happy but I think I’m just a bit too ambitious. My ideas outstrip my abilities – and then some. Anyway, you can see for yourself but don’t say anything – it’s our embarrassing little secret.


But I did do one that I was secretly pleased with – I’m not always such a miserable piece of work, honest, and this is it. For some reason, I just like it, so there. Pink weeds I called it Pink Weeds and you can see why.

I did a couple of others and they are here, Not entirely happy but when am I? I did them as attempts at the I am the Diva Weekly Challenge 173, which asked us to revisit favourites, which I did.  I love Phicops, Betweed and Fengle, so tried them out together on the first tile – the one edged and slightly coloured with peach. Then I re-read the instructions and realised I hadn’t “intertwined” anything, so I added one at the back that I can’t remember the name of and had not much fun with it because I am utterly hopeless at using black around things. It’s be OK if I did actually colour “around” but I don’t have a very steady hand, so the black goes everywhere. Doh!

So I tried again, using Paushalov, Kringel and a variant on Dragonair, with auras and a bit of red. But, again, nothing very “intertwined”. I think it was at this point that I felt the call of the taverna  and toddled off for mussels saganaki, lamb kleftiko and a caraffe or two of wine. Felt better about everything after that but, strangely, my hand still wasn’t steady!

Tangle 49                Tangle 48

I started quite a few others but they need some work yet, so maybe next time.

Until then, Yammas, Your Health!







2 thoughts on “Holidays and challenges

  1. Wonderful Tile. Cruz is well represented by your deft hand, and creative mind. Beautiful work. Your entire post displays your skill as an artist. I love every Tile. Your DragonFly is stunning. Your vacation dialog and pictures were delightful. You are a terrific writer. I enjoyed it all.

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