Getting the sack and putting a positive spin on it.

That bloody Diva woman is going to get me the sack. (Nothing to do with my own behaviour, of course.) I work a couple of days at a local College and today I was there doing interviews with students who hope to join the programmes next September. Of course, to them it’s all a bit vague and in the future and, anyway, the World Cup is on telly  so who cares about anything else? So half of them don’t turn up and I have plenty of time to write up the reports. Or tangle.  Well guess what I spent MY time prioritising? Hmmmm.

It started when I had a break for coffee and snuck a look at some of the old challenges on the I am the Diva blog. She has a nasty mind, that Diva. A tile using only straight lines. Do you know how hard that is? Every pattern I wanted to use was curved, bendy, irregular and definitely NOT straight lines. And when I did manage lines, could I keep them parallel? Answer in the negative.  Three discarded tiles and it was time for my next appointment. Who didn’t come. I was mortified – for seconds. And here’s the final version, which is my first ever even almost successful Paradox. so proud.

My first ever Paradox that actually resembles, if only briefly, the original.
My first ever Paradox that actually resembles, if only briefly, the original.

Of course, now I’m bitten by the Tangle Bug. Don’t pretend you’ve never heard of it. If you tangle, you’ve been bitten. And the very next challenge was to do one all curves. And the next one was to use white space, so I tried both in one tile. It didn’t take long, which is just as well, as my next appointment did turn up and I had to smile a welcome, quickly hide the pens and make a not very convincing attempt at a professional welcome.  I may not be a good tangler but I could get an Oscar for my welcoming grin.

I tried to avoid filling space on this one.
I tried to avoid filling space on this one.

So then she wants eggs. Well I soon discovered that an egg is a simple shape but not an easy one. Heaven help the chicken who laid this one. Bet it hurt. However, I did find myself using tangles that I don’t normally go for, apart from Sandswirl, which I just love. And , if I look quickly and then look away, I almost like this one. Until I remember it’s supposed to be an egg. Ah well, it’s the process, not the finished product, as they say on Planet Zentangle.

Well I've seen eggier shaped eggs but I am fond of this one but don't ask me why.
Well I’ve seen eggier shaped eggs and yet I am fond of this one, but don’t ask me why.

Now  I mentioned before that Mooka is a pattern that challenges my skill and my patience in about equal proportions, so you can imagine the groan when I see a challenge just to use Mooka. A monotangle, in ZT speak. Move on.

But it’s that irritating mental niggle again. Three students later and the paperwork is piling up. I get a cup of tea, sit down to do the paperwork and this is what I came up with.

Should have used a smoother card to stop the colours bleeding.
Should have used a smoother card to stop the colours bleeding.

Did I do the paperwork first? Echo answereth not. But even though there are all sorts of imperfections in this little pink Mooka, I like it. I did the colour work when I got home, I hasten to add. Even I don’t take my Promarkers to work just in case. Why is it pink, you may ask. Because it’s blushing! Doh!.  Well you’d be blushing if someone put you on display when you weren’t ready, wouldn’t you?


Pause – my daughter just phoned and we had a chat and were getting along fine right up until she asked if I’d been drinking, which I haven’t. Then I read back through what I’ve written so far and I can see why she asked. But no, this is just me on a roll. Another of life’s little tragedies, I suppose.   So, finally…


Feeling a little, but only a little , guilty about tangling at work, I took a peek at the next challenge. (Really is addictive, you know.) You have fifteen minutes and only fifteen minutes from border to shading a complete tile. Well, I thought, they won’t begrudge me fifteen minutes, call it my afternoon tea break. And off I went. Even put the timer on my phone, talk about obsessive.  Used favourite tangles so I didn’t have to think too hard about how to do them. Not much shading. But I had to cheat. Fifteen minutes came and went and it was perhaps two thirds ready. It didn’t matter that it’s just doodling, for Heaven’s sake. IT WASN’T FINISHED. So I took another fifteen minutes to finish it. (I stayed half an hour later at work to compensate, I was feeling so guilty.) And, having taken all this time, you’ve guessed, I don’t like it anyway.

To be done in 15 minutes. Certainly focuses the mind.
To be done in 15 minutes. Certainly focuses the mind.

Serves me right – should have been working.

Hope my boss never works out whose blog this is.

Can I get unemployment  Benefit at my advanced age?


And the positive spin? If I get the sack, I have more time to tangle. Win win.


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