Another weekly challenge from Iamthediva

This week’s challenge was to create a tile using two official Zentangle patterns, called Mooka and Auraknot.  I am hopeless at both of them. The Mooka always has wobbly lines and looks stringy instead of smoothly flowing across the page and the Auraknot always ends up with scrappy crossed lines and no depth. I mean, I’ve tried them quite a few times but I don’t improve. So I decided not to do the challenge. BUT. It kept nagging me. Honestly, it was like mental nettle rash until I gave up, scratched the itch and gave it a go.

I coloured a background of the tile first, hoping, I suspect, to disguise the mistakes I was about to make. Bizarrely, once I got started, I quite enjoyed it and was a lot more zentangle minded about it, doing the strokes more slowly, rather than rushing to see how it turned out, which is my usual modus operandi. I shaded it with metallic pencils and, in the end, was significantly less unhappy with it than I had expected.

It was then that I made the big, BIG mistake. Before linking to the Diva blog, I had a look at what other people had done. Oh dearie, dearie me. This challenge seems to have brought out the genius in everyone. If you don’t believe me, go and have a look. Some of the complex interwoven patterns, shaded in subtle tones or sharp and dramatic are just out of this world. Made my little offering look very sad and simple. In fact, it looks like a Christmas card topper, and that is its fate, I’m afraid.

So, for what it’s worth, here it is. Blue seems appropriate somehow. I have a lot to learn.

I was quite pleased with this until I saw the others.
I was quite pleased with this until I saw the others.

However, I also found a Facebook page called Ornation Creation, which I joined because some of the artwork on there is just so good. The guy who runs the page, Ben Kwok, puts a template on each week that you can download and either colour or pattern, or both. I went through the patterns and, although quite a few of them are not my style, there were some that did appeal to me and I had a go.

The first one had been put on the site for Halloween and was two pumpkins. I really enjoyed it and, although I have, I hope, improved it since I uploaded it, this is what I produced. (I added some shading to try for a bit for 3D effect.)

I've done some more shading on this since I uploaded the picture but you get the idea.
I’ve done some more shading on this since I uploaded the picture but you get the idea.

And then I found this moth, which caused all sorts of heartache, choosing patterns, choosing the wrong patterns, starting again, and again… This is the final version, which I think is right in places but is

A. too busy

B. lacking in depth, darkness, shade.

Too many patterns?
Too many patterns?

The question is, do I have the patience to do it again? Nah.

So today I continue with my self imposed mission to complete some of the half finished projects I have on the go. I have tidily set up folders to keep them in and I’m trying to remember to photograph and/or scan them before I put them on cards and give them away. Don’t know how long it’ll last, but we’ll see.










6 thoughts on “Another weekly challenge from Iamthediva

  1. Hi, little Miss Maggiebee. Your challenge piece it just terrific. I am a sudden fan of pre-painting the Tile. I love the effect you got. I must admit that not only do I love your Challenge piece, I love your text. You have me laughing my heard off. Your “Christmas Card Topper” is just delightful. I like your tangleation you added to the Mookas, and your AuraKnot hanging on one string is delightful. Then the white highlight. Perfect. Then there is your Moth and the Pumpkins, again, awesome. Your a delight, Miss Maggiebee, and your art is, may I say one of my favorite phrases, just “Peachy.”

    1. Hi David, It’s funny about the background colour because I don’t always do it and now I wonder why. I still suspect it was an attempt to draw attention away from any mistakes! But thank you for the encouragement and glad the sense of humour travels across the Atlantic. (I assume that’s where you are.)

  2. Even after seen quite a few entries, I LOVE your tile! It’s so elegant and the background color is beautiful.
    The Ben Kwonk templates are beautiful too.

    1. They are, aren’t they? I’m not sure about some of the animals, although the elephant keeps looking at me and saying “Go on then, give it a go.” Thank you for the kind comment. I sort of see what you mean about elegant and I’d love to say I planned it that way but, like all my things, it was a happy accident.

  3. Don’t be so hard on your self. You created a beautiful tile. Reminds me of staring up inn to the sky on a moon lit night. Use to enjoy doing this as a kid.

    1. Thank you, Donald. Yes, I suspect that there was a little voice in the back of my head going “Twinkle, twinkle…” As for being hard on myself, hadn’t you noticed, we ALL do it? We put our “babies” out there for everyone to see and then we’re embarrassed in case other people don’t think they’re good enough. I think it’s significant – the day we don’t feel just a tad insecure about the quality of what we do is the day we realise we’re getting complacent and have stopped trying. Or maybe I’m just pretending to be hard on myself and fishing for compliments…

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