Fun with Dangles

I recently ordered two books of Zenspirations by Joanne Fink and they arrived today, Hurrah!

Zenspirations Letters                                                      Zenspirations Dangles

Of course, I sat down and read them cover to cover straight away. My husband thinks I am mad because they are such slim volumes and he doesn’t see the point, but they are full of ideas and suggestions. So I have retreated to my craft room, where, instead of tidying the existing chaos, as I should, I am scrabbling for paper and pens, ready to start.

I bought from a friend, a set of Sakura Gelly Roll pens, because Joanne Fink uses them and she is my guru, “All hail Joanne …” and what she says goes at the moment. So tonight, to get me started, I’m going to make a little picture for a friend of mine’s birthday. It’s not until September, so, if it doesn’t go according to plan, I can do something else, but I’m hopeful.


More in a while…..

Time passes, (with apologies to Dylan Thomas)


And, Ta dah!

Chris's house


Of course, I can see all sorts of things that could be improved but I’m not unhappy with this as a first attempt. I don’t think the pic does justice to the shine of some of the pens but there you go, an acceptable evening’s work.


However, I’ve decided that it’s time to finish a few projects started a while ago. I have a horrible tendency, each time I sit down to draw, sew, stitch, paint etc, to start something new. Of course, if I don’t complete it in that session, there is a strong possibility that I won’t finish it at all. While we were on holiday in Crete a few  weeks ago, I did several dangle designs and coloured one or two of them with water colours. However, I don’t entirely like the texture water colour gave to them, so did  several more just in ink, intending to fill in the colour with pens when I got home. Well time does pass and other projects come and go. And come and go. And come and go.

So before I go to bed tonight, I’m going to sort out the unfinished ones and colour them in. And tomorrow, I’m going to gather together ALL the finished pieces, scan them on to the computer and then layer them up onto cards, ready to send.  I’ll let you know how I get on.






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