The Diva Challenge

I decided to get into the swing of these weekly challenges by having a go at not one but TWO, yes, you heard, TWO of them The first one is Challenge 170, I think and involves using Bugles. Unfortunately, when I up loaded the picture, I had it lying on its side, so the bugles go sideways instead of vertical. Does it matter, I wonder, or do I pretend it’s supposed to be that way?

Does it matter if the bugles aren't verticle? I just wondered what they would look like on their side.
Does it matter if the bugles aren’t verticle? i just wondered what they would look like on their side.

Only two other tangles used – Viaduct, which I’ve not tried before but I do like it, and Beloved, which may not be an official tangle but it’s one of those that suddenly comes together, just when you least expect it.


I’m going to get the other challenge and post it in a few minutes.


Back soon, M


And, indeed, here I am. I went a bit mad doing this next challenge, which was to use a string based on circles. The one shown as an example had concentric circles, but that required perhaps a little more discipline than I am capable of, so I “dropped” several circles, one on top of another and then just started filling the shapes in. It was totally absorbing and I completely lost track of the time.  Again, it’s on textured water colour paper, which adds a challenge of its own, as the pens don’t always run smoothly over it. On the other hand, that could be my excuse for wobbly lines!

this really was absorbing.
this really was absorbing.

When I’d finished, I counted all the different tangles used – 18, I think. Anyway, I’m reasonably pleased with it, although the shading isn’t very good but I do like the way the white space contrasts with the busy patterns.

And my next plan? Well, I’m going to have a look at some more challenges but, and this is, for me, REALLY exciting, I’m going to a Zentangle class, with a real CZT.  Next Sunday, I will be spending the day with real tanglers, not just enthusiastic beginners like me, but real ones. I hope I can keep up.


I’ll tell you all about it next time.

5 thoughts on “The Diva Challenge

  1. I like both of your submissions. Your composition and design are very good, then you go and position your Patterns into their assigned locations in just the right way so that directions created really compliment the whole piece. I like it a lot. Good work.

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