Outraged R Us

So angry I feel I have to share it with the world or I’ll explode. My daughter shared this on FaceBook and it just makes me furious. I’ve been overweight for years and am now in the process of dealing with it once and for all. (I hope.) I have done both Weight Watchers and Slimming World in the past and both were successful on a temporary basis. I never bought their food products because I genuinely believe I can do better home made but the cynicism of this just leaves me breathless.




I’d like to force feed them on donuts until they explode!


Similarly, I’ve been part of a project trialling Lighter Life products and I suspect the same can be said of them too. They provide meal replacement products and the idea is that you use them and only them two days out of five, with a sensible, low calorie eating programme (not a diet) in between. Since they call the two days on the products “fasting” and you eat about 600 calories per day on those days, you can see how successful it is likely to be. And it is. I’ve done it and have lost weight with it. But it is a weight loss programme, not intended to be followed for life. The plan is for you to get to a target weight using the products and then maintain by healthy eating. I applaud it and will do my best to do exactly that.



The products, carefully balanced with proteins that stop you feeling hungry, (And they do.) don’t really taste very nice and most overweight people like tasty food. (Alright, ANY food, you may say.) The milk shakes, soups and solid foods all taste powdery and of artificial flavourings. I suspect they have more E numbers than M and Ms. So you can’t look forward to your “fasting” days and you just endure them. A friend of mine has decided to do the five and two programme for herself but instead of using the products, just eats mainly raw veg of her choice and keeps it down to 600 ish calories that way on her “fasting” days. I suspect she has the right idea and will lose weight just as effectively. Time will tell.


OK, rant over for today. But go on, read that website, please.


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