Failing to resist temptation


It started this time with a trip to the Outlet and the impossibility of walking past the Cadbury shop. Then it was buying the biggest bag I could find instead of a sensible one.  I felt a little better when we had gone in three, I repeat, three, shoe shops and I didn’t buy any for me.  Clearly, there is willpower in here somewhere but it’s buried deep. I went on a couple of clothing websites and didn’t buy anything and began to feel that I was on a roll. Even when I went to craft class, I bought only the things I needed for a specific project. This is unheard of.

My cousin and sometime partner in crime and I then decided that we would go to the craft fair at the Racecourse on Sunday. Even though we knew we “might” overspend.But then my son came to my fiscal rescue and invited us for a barbecue on Sunday instead, thus saving me who knows how much? So today in an unguarded moment, I had a look on a website I hadn’t visited before and found a folder for storing my cutting dies on magnetised board. I’ve been wanting one for a while and, if I could have stopped at that point, my self esteem would have been fine. But no.

Stamps. Little Claire stamps, Nellie stamps, Mollie Bloom stamps. Oh dear, oh dear, oh dear. It was like Toad of Toad Hall and the racing cars. Oh bliss, Oh ecstasy, Oh poop poop!.


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