First publishings

Today, for the first time, I have added a couple of stories I have written to my blog. The first one, Hanioti, is named after the place where it took place, on Halkidiki, in Greece, a couple of years ago. For some reason, an everyday incident was very touching and the memory of it stayed with me. Re-reading it now, it brings back the hot day and our tired gratitude for a cold beer after a walk which was, as always, longer than we had expected.

The second story, The Idyll, is based on an entry in my Dad’s journal from when he and a groups of like-minded hikers went on a walking holiday in the Pyrennees in 1947. The entire journal is in the process of being typed up and published on this blog under the heading “Le Journal”. It also brings back memories, not of that trip, I wasn’t there, but of my Dad as I remember him as a younger man, good humoured, with a naughty sense of humour and a way with words. It’s over 20 years since he died and I won’t pretend I think of him every day, but reading his diaries brings him back clearly and it’s as if he’s talking to me and telling me tales of his youth, like he used to do when I was a girl.

I hope he doesn’t mind me sharing them with you. Enjoy.


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